Box o sweets in the car


Grandparents having sweets in the car. Brilliant that

Motherfucking BUTTER MINTS


makes me ill just thinking of werther’s originals




Wine gums always remind me of car smell


always loved the orange ones, me


none of my grandparents drove but i am familar with CAR SWEETS




I have taken to carrying tictacs in the car.


Gives me travel sickness while stationary even thinking about them.


I keep sweets in the car


if anything tictacs are what you have after the car sweets to freshen your breath of wine gum


what kind


Have recently started having sweets in the car, like to see how long I can go between them.

Currently on rhubarb and custard ones. Kids normally plough through them tbh


Don’t you fucking lecture me on what sweets I can and can’t have in my car!


Got some belting rhubarb & custards on the go atm


fuck yeah.

hard candy/boiled sweets > all other car sweets


Did buy some months then realised they were full of porcine gelatine :scream::sob::frowning:️:astonished::sob:




to me they’re forever associated with getting back in the car after doing a wee at scotch corner services and/or coming onto the m6 after kirkby stephen on the way to preston


you can have tictacs as your core car sweets in the same way that you can have a profiterole for breakfast.