Boxing 2018 Thread



the old [Rolling boxing thread] is getting a bit big so here’s a new one.

been a little lull on the home front over christmas but gonna start picking up again as we go into feb.

  • chamberlain v okolie is a cracking fight so early in their careers, ted cheeseman is fighting caron jones on that undercard which seems a big step up too.

  • groves v eubank, think i’m gonna get along to that if i can afford it. very hype.

  • kell brook is boxing some belarussian lad at the start of march.

  • joshua v parker at the end of the month

lots of goodness happening in america too - spence/peterson next week, mikey & linares have fights coming up, wilder/ortiz, return of kovalev, rungvisai/estrada.

amir khan has signed to matchroom, making his inevitable refusal to fight kell brook even more annoying. look to be targeting broner for the middle of the year - good, winnable fight for him that.

hope it’s as good as last year was.


It’s already shaping up to be an ace year. Just need Canelo/GGG do the decent thing and sign up for a rematch already.

Gonna try and get tickets for Joshua v Parker if they’re not too eye bleedingly expensive.


Did we do a fighter, fight and punch of the year for 2017?

Loma, rungvisai-gonzales 1, tete for me


Crawbags, Joshua v Klitschko, Tete for me Clive.


Josh - klitschko is probably the right answer I’m just trying to chuck another suggestion out. Only thing that puts Loma above Crawford for me is the number of fights


rungo, canelo-ggg, bivol clives


Misread that as rigo and thought you’d gone for the edgiest opinion of all time


Rungvisai/Chocolatito would have won most years tbf. The Joshua fight was just one of those freak fights where the quality of the bout matches the scale of the event. That almost never happens.

I’m picking Crawford purely for unifying the light welter belts, even if it lasted about 5 minutes. Love it when someone leaves a division in ruins before moving up.


oof, battered that poor man, respect to peterson - he hung in and you could see what he was trying to do, spence did leave himself open on occasion but there was no recognition even of peterson’s best shots. very special talent, the different ways he can throw that left hand is so pretty to watch.

hope they make the thurman fight, would have said 50/50 before but think that spence’s work rate would catch up to him. there’s a path to plot that sees him as the biggest star south of heavyweight & maybe an eventual canelo fight.

not seen it but apparently easter jr caught another gift decision.


Just caught up with this - Spence is really something else. Great decision by the corner,
as painful as it must have been to make. Peterson had a game plan but Spence was just too strong and too good to let him implement it. There was nothing left to tell him, it just wasn’t going to be his night. They were right to pull him out.

I love Spence’s body work. And his variety and choice of punches are exceptional. I also really want the Thurman fight for him next, give Crawford a couple of fights to bed into the division and have the winners face each other. If Crawford looks good at Welter then him vs Spence could be incredible.

Easter Jr was indeed very lucky. One questionable point deduction (the commentators reckoned there was no warning but he did get one, so it’s not totally unreasonable but still very harsh) made the difference on the cards. He probably just about deserved it (though maybe a draw would have been fairer, but he did not look good. He gave up his height so easily and when he was fighting tall he was predictable in his offense. On this display both Garcia and Linares would be too much for him.


was a very good stoppage, you’re right. his eyes were still clear and he was talking well - could have let that go without anyone complaining, really no point in it though.

would like to see spence & crawford stand next to each other tbh, spence looks like a 154er to me. would be a massive fight obvs but dunno, there’s plenty of mileage at 147 for bud without messing with spence.

worth a watch over my tea the easter jr fight? just popped up on youtube


His body work is so good. That was the thing that stood out at bramall lane, the power, placement and volume of body shots was unbelievable


It’s not the prettiest or most entertaining fight really. Kind of interesting style match up I guess.

The point deduction is in the 2nd so you can see the controversial part pretty early at least.


cricket highlights it is!


briedis usyk

really high quality fight that, no massive firework rounds but two blokes at the very top of their division working constantly. reminded me of kov ward 1 with less spoiling.

had it for briedis by 1, though i can understand the scoring as the clearest rounds generally went the other way - felt like he negated the usyk gameplan in the early rounds by moving backwards & not throwing back on any jabs or feints. fought in bursts & let usyk pump an empty jab until he got frustrated & decided to walk him down with gloves up. very impressed with how accurate his straight shots were when usyk put on the ear muffs too, seemed to split them and find his chin more often than not.

thought usyk generally was a bit impatient, there’s no good reason he couldn’t have fought off the back foot a bit more.

linares was super classy as always. lovely boy.


So khan has a 3 fight deal with sky, assuming it’s building to him fighting brook which isn’t as exciting as it would’ve been a couple of years back, but they’ve lost to 3 of the p4p top 10, 2 of those at ridiculous weights, and brook looked pretty good against Spence.

On the subject, as everyone knew it would be, GGG - Canelo 2 is on the 5th of may. Reckon Canelo will be more aggressive and win a tight but clear decision. Hopefully BJS and Jacobs will have a fight to take on the winner


Only just caught up with this last night (I chose to spend Saturday getting drunk and playing Rocket League instead). Really good fight. Was really impressed with Brieis’ timing and accuracy, particularly early on.There were periods where he made Usyk look kinda sloppy. But the dude is pretty relentless and didn’t look perturbed by any of the shots he was slipping and just wouldn’t stop coming. I didn’t score it but I felt Briedis had edged it come the final bell but it was hard to split them. Gotta feel for him - losing a belt and getting dumped out of the competition after a performance like that is so, so cruel.


BJS is tied up with Murray instead, which isn’t as terrible an alternative as it could have been. I can’t see Warren and Hearn playing nice over this one, frustratingly. I figure they’ll just make their pitches to fight the winner of GGG/Canelo and if that doesn’t come off hope to get the loser.


I’ll have to rewatch it again to score it. Have found that scoring fights makes them less enjoyable of late so not been bothering. Thought Usyk won comfortably after Briedis was bright early doors, though.

Not sure i agree with Bunse and a few of the other boxing writers hype of Usyk mind. Are there many poorer divisions?


Dorticos - Gassiev on ITV4 tonight. Also Lawrence Okolie on sky