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don’t want to think about what percentage of my life is spent listening to nonsense interviews on ifl.


i was on a stag do, which was actually in a pub about 15 minutes away from my house, my housemates were watching it and texting me about how fucking good it was haha

thanks for all the advice in the replies so far everyone!


I asked how to get into boxing on old DiS and @bugduv and others (apologies to the others!) gave me some great tips I’m gonna try and remember here.

  • The best (and most obvious way) to get into current boxing is by watching lots of it. Check out the upcoming schedule on and watch as many of the 4/5 star rated fights as you can. I joined a really good torrent site and started downloading stuff from there to get round the various TV deals. The sign ups to the one I use are currently closed but I’ll keep an eye out for them opening if you like.

  • Keeping track of all the belt holders is a chore - I started by keeping an eye on the Transnational Boxing Rankings ( which is an attempt by a bunch of boxing writers to cut through the multi-belt bollocks and give a definitive list of who the real contenders are at each weight class. It aims to be scientific but is inevitably a bit subjective but it’s a solid list of who’s who at each weight without having to remember who the interim/silver/emeritus champions are.

  • The news site I tend to go to is - dunno if it’s the best but I’m a creature of habit.

  • The BBC Five Live boxing podcast is a really good one, if you can stand Steve Bunce’s hyperactive #hottakes on everything.

  • As others have pointed out youtube is an incredible resource. You could spend months just watching old fights on there.

  • Read The Four Kings by George Kimball. A cracking read about one of the best eras in boxing history.


Dougie fishers Friday and Monday q&a columns for ring magazine are also very good if you can handle Americans being routinely wrong about everything. Sunday puncher tends to be decent, as do theconsortium’s comments under guardian boxing articles, almost always better than the article itself


I find sport history fascinating, but boxing history particularly so because it’s such a great measure of society at the time. More than any other sport it’s conditioned by its era and it’s impossible to really to view seperately to it. Jack Johnson is probably the obvious place to start, and Unforgivable Blackness is widely accepted as being one of the very best boxing books (apparently Ken Burns made this into a documentary series which i’ve not seen, but his other stuff, particularly his Vietnam series was incredible). I’d also recommend Redemption Song: Muhammad Ali and the spirit of the sixties by Mike Marqusee, though there are literally hundreds of great boxers between those two eras in America alone.

I’d have a look at Cerdan, Liston, Pancho Villa, the Hearns, Hagler, Duran, Leonard era, Arguello, Marciano, Monzon, Louis, Armstrong, and what i’d consider the big two - Robinson and Ali. You could spend a lifetime reading about just Ali.

Great fights to watch - Ward v Gatti, Pryor v Arguello, Coralles v Castillo, Hagler v Hearns, Ali v Frazier, Morales v Barrera. This is a good list -

In terms of keeping up with fights nowadays, BoxNation’s really worth getting. Think it’s about £12 a month. They have a deal with BT Sport now and show some stuff on there and it’s free via the app to anyone with a BT supscription. Sky have regular cards but an exclusive deal with the biggest promoter so action can be good but commentary quite biased. Channel 5 show some British stuff and sometimes there are undercards on SpikeTV. I use an app called Mobdro, but best thing to do is to get a Firestick (cough).

Inoue, Lomachenko, Linares, Prograis, Spence Jr, Crawford, Golovkin, Usyk, Gassiev are some of the better current fighters to watch.


Excellent post, thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


Stuck a tenner on that big lump, ffs.


hadnt seen joyce since the olympics, he’s come on fucking miles eh… didnt know how to punch nevermind how to box then, looks a talent now.

no hand speed still but was a lovely 1-2 there.


I watched part 1 of Unforgivable Blackness this evening, it’s brilliant so anyone who hasn’t seen it should defo do so

will probably watch part 2 tomorrow


Who is the consortium poster? He/she churns out a mini novel within minutes it seems! Do they have a website/blog?

#191 not active for years but looks like he used to write for the graun

  • Joshua 1-4
  • Joshua 5-8
  • Joshua 9-12
  • Joshua points
  • Parker

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Also what good podcasts are out there. Getting sick of bunce and fight facts is kinda meh


I listen to the HBO one and the Boxnation one but I’m not sure I’d recommend either tbh.

This is not a useful post.


This is going to be a very average night of boxing but hey, it’s international break so whatcha gonna do


i’m going to drink and manfully sit through it


I’m watching John wick, there’s half an hour left then I’ll watch the mediocre fists


ah fucking hate Joe Gallagher


Right I’m in. Some great shorts on ambomo


Love an early stoppage, but not two when you’ve got twelve tinnies in, ffs.

Hard not to feel happy for Ritson and especially Johnson, mind.

Whyte and Browne will srink the place out.