Boxing 2018 Thread



hope they stagger the headliners.

not sure i can put up with everyone going on about how shagged out and old 31 yr old carson jones is. wish there was a relevant simile i could draw from to describe cheeseman;s porous defence.



watching the footy highlights atm so if you could gimme a nudge if a headliner’s on it would be appreciated.
Also it’s been said repeatedly but the whole WBSS is just boxing done right innit. Good fights, no bullshit, the presentation is lovely too, the black ring and the lighting are proper lush.


aye will do.

not sure mate… if every single surface on the screen isn’t filled with advertisements for predatory betting companies can you even call what you’re watching boxing?


Anyone like doritos for this one? Obviously he’s a massive puncher but gassiev is great and will win this imo


done hours of tape study and analysis and i’ve come to the conclusion that dorticos has really long arms.

yeah, gassiev probably. dunno.

this mc freaks my nut tbh.


Take back everything I said about their presentation. White guy with dreadlocks as MC. Sake


crust punk magician looking fucker


Gassiev’s 24!?
Rough paper round


Gassiev’s looking very, very good here


This is a really good fight, gave Dorticos that round. 2-1


is he dagestani? hard lives down there.


This can’t go too far at this pace. Brutal stuff


That Gassiev double left hook to the head and body is such a good little combo


has dorticos thrown anything other than a jab\cross? fucking chin on the man tho. hope he doesn’t gas out.


if your reach is long enough it can work, it’s pretty much all Klitschko threw in the last decade


aye, lovely jab it is too tbf


massive range of scores from the reddit, some people have Dorticos a round up which seems a massive reach. 7th was a better round for him though


The body work from Gassiev is hurting him now, he’ll finish him before the final bell


i can see why tbf, especially if it’s mostly americans, they like pressure don’t they. got gassiev by two maybe. having a bit of trouble scoring myself tho.


I’ve got it wide now, 7-2