Boxing 2018 Thread



Incredible combinations, incredible chin. Very good fight


been going one way for a bit now.

gassiev is brilliant with his guard and parries. greater depth of skill innit.


Yup, final should be an absolute belter




how the fuck did he get up!


Jesus, heroic from Dorticos but there was gulf in class there and he deserved the stoppage. How on earth he got up from that first left hook I’ll never know, thought he’d killed him


WOOF that first shot.

might make gassiev favourite tbh. another great fight that.


yeah that’s an early FOTY contender imo, brilliant stuff. Very impressed by Gassiev again


and now onto the British Beef, which will no doubt be as good or better.


this is fucking terrible


Cheeseman v Jones was excellent.

Buatsi’s scary.


Caught up with the weekend’s boxing last night. Quick thoughts - Gassiev looks like he might give Usyk a decent fight (though he’s still the underdog imo), Dorticos was frustratingly one dimensional but his chin must be made of some sort of diamond like substance, Okolie v Chamberlain was fucking torturous (but I still have a lot of time for the Sauce man) and if Ted Cheeseman could stop switching off and tighten up his leaky defence he’d be really dangerous. He throws some lovely combos. Also he still has the best name in sports. TED CHEESEMAN. I really want him to become the most feared man in all of boxing.




:astonished: :astonished:

as much of a prick as he is or can be, i hope this is some proof that he’s working to get his life and his head in order. always find myself concerned for him. would love to see him back in there looking sharp too obvs.


So RJJ has finally retired (hopefully for good). Most talented offensive boxer of the last 25 years, boxed on for at least a decade too long but up until 2002 or so he was incredible. Ridiculous that he even fought at heavyweight let alone won a (form of) world title


watching some of his peak, he was like as fast as Pacquiao or Hamed at super middleweight. Daft.


one of the most frustrating fighters of all time. so fucking good, but left so many big fights on the table in favour of squash matches against guys who had no business being in there with him (ricky frazier ffs)


yeah his 90s resume is really something huh. Hopkins, Toney and not much else. Mike McCallum was pretty good for a time right? still, at least he did it in style


yeah mccallum was legit, virgil hill was as well. I remember him making a big deal out of winning a fight after he’d played some minor league basketball game that morning, as if that wasn’t a sign he should be fighting better opposition. but yeah, undeniably entertaining

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