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So Bellews last payday is getting battered by Usyk then


At cruiser, too. Don’t like the bloke at all but still a bit worried for him tbh


He definitely doesn’t need the money - he got at least £6m from the Haye fights and he’s got houses and stuff - and Usyk’s still more of a fight fan’s fighter than a ticket shifter.

I think his reasons might be genuine. He’s never fought a proper world class fighter. Maybe that nags away at him. Don’t think it will end well but then i’ve written him off every time up until now.

I’ve heard a couple of pundits say Usyk’s win against Gassiev wasn’t quite the masterclass some of us thought it was and Gassiev was just extremely poorly conditioned, but idk.


He doesn’t like to mention it, but apparently Tony bellew has a wife and kids, and he wants to make money for them


I think he’s great away from the ring. One of the most eloquent active sportsmen. Acts like a bit of a bell to sell a fight, but beneath the bluster there’s a guy who’s had a hard life there. Used to think he was a prick, but then i heard a 5Live documentary where he spoke about the racism he faced as a young kid and growing up in working-class Liverpool during rough times and it sort of fleshed him out a bit for me. I can’t think of anyone who’s achieved more off their talent. First time i saw him he was getting battered by Ovill MacKenzie. He dragged himself from domestic class to European to lower world class, fair play to him.


7-5 Golovkin for me.


had it 8-4. Could make an argument for a draw. Result seems very dodgy to me. Very good fight though


Nearly every round could have gone either way to be fair to the judges


That last round scoring :roll_eyes:


had ggg winning but it was so close any of the three results are reasonable imo, much closer than the first fight. think ggg will get stopped if they have a third one


great fight. cant be arsed getting into the scoring. ggg has an amazing engine. was blowing so hard after 6 rounds and comes back to throw 80 shots a round. love watching canelo, should just keep booking that fight.


I thought it was a pretty incredible performance by Golovkin, tbh. Alvarez won four of the first six rounds for me and caught him with at least six or eight crushing left hooks to the same spot of the body. I expected him to quit, but he rallied, and for me won five of the last six.

Happy enough with the scoring. There were at best four clear rounds. The other eight were what you like.

Fair play to Alvarez. Don’t particularly like him and he’s a cheat, but he’s gone toe-to-toe with the baddest man on the planet twice.


They’ll have four or more fights now.

There’s too much money for them not to.

  • Joshua stoppage
  • Joshua points
  • Povetkin stoppage
  • Povetkin points

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Got a feeling joshua’s getting dropped tonight. Might have a punt on him getting up from the canvas to win. A boring fight is probably a good fight for him in terms of strategy



Has anyone got any good links that don’t freeze or aren’t full of ads?


reddit boxing streams


Joshua’s nose reet?


povetkin by 3 :grimacing: