Boxing 2018 Thread



I picked Yarde before watching Buatsi’s fight tonight. Buatsi’s becoming an excellent body puncher though so I kinda wanna switch.


The Chamberlain v Watkins, and Cheeseman v Byfield fights were bloody good.

As much as people hype up this Vegas is the centre of the universe shite, i don’t think you can beat a good British tear-up.


british/european fights always seem to have a better atmosphere than the vegas ones, for sure.


Ryder’s chest hair is weird as fuck


floyd’s fighting a teenage japanese kickboxer who weighs about two stone less than him then


mon then

  • buying
  • dodgy stream
  • not bothering

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  • usyk ko
  • usyk 12 round domination
  • usyk points but closer than expected
  • bellew ko
  • bellew points!?

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Usyk to win 9+ rounds.


jfc Smith, why reference the arena bombing like that



looks good here bellew


I’ve got him three up here.

1 & 3 were relatively tight, mind.


even now, tied 5


Not given Bellew a round outright since three. Four and five level. Usyk in control since.




Some finish that. Brutal


The two best fighters in the world are from the Ukraine.


Paulie is great. always spot on.


As a Ukrainian with a maybe 5% interest in boxing how excited should I be by Usyk & Lomachenko?

As a Leodsian how excited should I be by Warrington? % chance of winning the Frampton fight?


He’s an incredible pundit.

An amazing heel to face turn, in hindsight.


Can a cruiser move up to heavy and win the belts nowadays. He’s amazing but so much smaller than the people holding the belts


They’re the best 2 fighters in the world as bugduv says above

Think Warrington might win too. Hope not obviously