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loma is a once in a generation talent who might go down as one of the greatest of all time, usyk isn’t on that level for me but there’s good argument that he’s no 2 p4p


Yeah, very.

Usyk will move up to heavyweight and fight Joshua or Wilder. I don’t think he should, he’ll probably be too small and won’t have enough natural power, but there’s no money at cruiserweight and he’s already leathered everyone anyway.

Lomachenko is the best fighter in the world without doubt. He fought for a world title in his second fight. At least 7 of his 12 fights have been against truly world class opponents. He’s a fighting machine. Nobody will beat him, but there are huge interesting fights around the weights - Davis, Berchelt, Garcia, Prograis.

Warrington v Frampton’s 50/50. If you had a gun to my head and forced me to pick a winner i’d begrudgingly err towards Warrington. He’s limited technically but tough and a box of fireworks and has huge support, a bit like Hatton.


Usyk should fight povetkin before moving onto the proper massive lads


Just watched it. Bellew won the early rounds but used a huge amount of energy and barely caught him clean with anything. Think there was one in the 4th that rocked usyk a bit but other than that it was all off gloves or while usyk was moving backwards. Once he found his range and belle’s initial burst of energy was set the difference in class told. Pretty impressed with bellew, right tactical approach but usyk was never in serious trouble


good hype video this

be great if he won imo


aaaaand, wilder’s lost it already


Head’s saying stinker and they’re going to have at least two fights so the result’s largely irrelevant. At the same time, hyped for the scale of the whole thing.

Most interesting result in terms of the wider picture would be Fury knocking him out, i guess. The build-up to the Fury v Joshua fights would be toxic as fuck, but a potential trilogy of fights between the two standout heavyweights in the world, both British, well, that could be incredible.

I think i want Wilder to win, though. Can’t escape the fact that Fury’s a bigot and people who think he’s good for boxing are pretty much always deeply tiresome bores. Then again, probably slightly hypocritical when i’d embrace the foibles of or ignore the pretty serious murk around, say, Gatti, Monzon or Tyson.

Gut feeling is a slightly dubious points decision one way or the other. Hard to really know where Fury’s fight fitness is at given his inacivity and two pantomime warm-ups, and we don’t know if he’s really off the beak.


Dislike both fighters. So long as one of them gets their pants pulled down (preferably fury tbh), I’ll be happy


There’s probably some seriously questionable stuff on Wilder’s record, but i’ve really changed my mind about him over the years. Gut feeling’s to turn off from loud and brash types, but he comes across really well in interviews when he’s not trying to play up to the part. Before his first fight against Stiverne he spoke at length about his daughter’s disability, was pretty upfront about his reasons for fighting and for acting up to sell fights and it was hard not to feel a bit for the bloke.

Fury’s been very open about his own mental health issues and alcohol and substance abuse, mind. In many ways it’s refreshing hearing such a giant of a man in such a macho profession and from a background where physical prowess and toughness are currency talk so openly, but then at other times he’s said stupid, ignorant shit, and issues or not he should be accountable for that and it not be whitewashed by the sporting media and fans.

It’s sort of win/win if either of them gets stopped, aye (bar either of them getting seriously hurt, like).



  • Fury
  • Wilder
  • Don’t care

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  • Fury KO
  • Fury points
  • Wilder KO
  • Wilder points

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Wilder late for me, down on the cards but his stamina is unreal and I reckon the last 3 years will catch up to fury a bit and he’ll get chinned. For all his many faults as a boxer wilder is a great finisher, so long and aggressive that he’s basically impossible to clinch


would love a tyson win but just can’t see it. the fury that beat wlad would handle wilder pretty comfortably but he ain’t that guy any more


don’t want to minimise the abhorrent shit fury has said, but i can’t help wanting him to win. just do.

always thought wilder would do him even in his prime though. hard to feint someone out when they’re content to not throw for rounds at a time. could be one for the purists. is it definitely a two way rematch clause? seems odd.

stevenson gvozdyk looks interesting on the undercard. nother ukrainian, hope he retires stevenson, the shite.


Thing is, what percentage of ‘that’ fury would tyson need to be to beat wilder?

I think if he’s 70% of what he was he wins a clear but competetive decision (9-3, 8-4 type of fight). I think he wins tonight but totally concede with so many unknowns about both fighters any prediction can look a bit silly come tomorrow morning.


holy shit can’t believe he got up off that second one, if the ref had waved that when he was flat on his back would have been hard to complain. wow.


Fuck me. What a final round!!!


that Some Bullshit right there.


don’t know what rounds you’re giving wilder other than the two with knockdowns


115-111 wilder is absolutely criminal.


not entirely given up the coke then


Oh man, that’s just laughably bad.