Boxing 2018 Thread



I don’t really wanna give Sauerland any money after seeing him tweeting about hiring more ring girls just to rile the snowflake lefties who want them banned but I cba faffing about with a dodgy stream for this one.

I’ve gone with a Eubank stoppage purely because I have doubts over how much Groves has left in the tank.


I think groves will be fine, eubank is the unknown. Think groves is just a bit too big and a bit too savvy for him, but wouldn’t put much money on it, should be a tight and good one


mad that groves is 29 still innit.

bit perplexed how much i’ve been hearing that eubank has got an iron jaw. hardly been tested has it? groves is crackable but he’s usually pretty good when he’s hurt. eubank can win if he makes it very ugly and keeps groves on the ropes, think he’ll walk on to one tho.


In the minority i know, but think Eubank Jr might win it with something to spare. Groves has a better record, is naturally much bigger, and has the more devestating knockout power, but Eubank’s much better conditioned, has the best uppercut in boxing and is on an upwards trajectory.

Eubank Jr stoppage rounds 9-11.


That’s how I’m seeing it. I know Groves isn’t shot by any means (I thought he might have been after the Jack loss but that’s aged well with what Jack has gone on to do) but I feel their trajectories are headed in opposite directions. I think he’ll make it ugly, grind him down and stop him in the mid-to-late rounds.


just realised i’ve double booked myself and will miss this live. this is why i dont do things.


think I saw lenroy thomas outside next, absolute unit.


It’s live on YouTube and Facebook in the US. Should be plenty of streams if you don’t fancy paying or ppv is a pain.


Only seen the last couple of this one. Struggling to call it without bias due to the brexit shorts but seems a good one


Eubank Sr. Is a thoroughly weird man, and an utter prick


State of naseem. Jesus


He looks crazy stoned. Tbf if I could have retired at 28 and spent the next 20 years getting baked and eating all the everything I’d have been quite pleased.


Genuinely had no idea it was him until he was introduced


I was listening to a HBO podcast about the Nas v Kevin Kelly fight earlier. I think like a lot of people my age he pretty much got me into boxing. So weird looking at how he is now. He seems happy enough though I guess.


This lad runs a circus in his spare time


Fallout character


Imagine making a production this slick then letting this cleft front it


anything good on the undercard?


Kinda love how totally uncharismatic groves is


Walsh v Lowe was a good scrap. Langford v Arnfield was pretty forgettable though.