Boxing 2018 Thread



he’s grown on me so much. Looks fucking jacked tonight.



He’s been on the powder hasn’t he


Groves looking very sharp so far


His jab is entirely on point. It’s clearly bothering Eubank.


Did he buzz him there? Odd one


It’s such a good punch. Comes from really odd angles. At this range he’ll walk it


But not at that range


3-0 for me. Doing really well to tie jr. up whenever he starts walking in


Me too. That is a nasty cut too. Interesting to see if Eubank can keep his head and adapt.


Got 2-1 groves, tied the first.


Groves is old manning him. 4-1 (gave eubank the 4th)


Eubank doesn’t have the power Cox did. Hit groves with cleaner shots to no effect.


It’s almost all been the fight Groves wanted so far. Eubank keeps showing glimpses of the fight he needs to have but can’t get working in close nearly often enough. He’s doing just enough to keep things interesting but he’s got it all to do.


Yeah feel like everyone (inc. Me) was paying a lot of attention to the yildrim fight and ignoring the quinlan fight


I got sucked in too. It’s such a fun circus with the Eubanks’ it’s hard not to buy into the hype.


I mean, he did look good against yildrim, and he’s a decent fighter. But there are levels to this, and groves is a big step up


Eubank will walk on to a shot here, he’s getting frustrated



Eubanks best round. 6-3


That eye looks really bad now