Boxing 2018 Thread



rough as sin tho, can’t see him winning like that.


It’s like a replay of his fight with Billy Joe. Starts fighting like everyone expected him to only after the points game has escaped him. Should make for a good last 3…


Think he needs at least a knockdown to win


And getting schooled by someone who can move their head and sit behind a jab


I really expected him to have picked up a couple of things in the interim but he looks every bit as scrappy as he did then.


Really impressed with groves. Picking shots as eubank comes forward then tying up as soon as he gets inside


Me too - gotta eat some humble pie after this. I thought Groves was running out of miles but he’s fighting an ugly fight in a clinical manner.


He’ll never be fashionable or have any star quality but there’s a reason he’s only lost ever to jack and Froch, innit


Great last 30 seconds. 116-112 for groves


Dunno what it adds up to but I found 3 for eubank and tied one.


4, 6, 9, 12 for eubank


I really didn’t rate Jack at the time which I think coloured my rating of Groves since but he’s gone on to prove me wrong too. Might have to get out of this predictions business.


fair play to Eubank that was a big finish, but Grove boxed his way to that win. Jr absolutely has to escape his dad and get some actual tactical training


Bold strategy from Eubank; don’t start boxing until the last 25 seconds.


John Hartson’s looking well


Gotta hand it to Eubank Jr for his ability to look that smug in comprehensive defeat. An impressive feat.


Tbf he came far closer in that interview to admitting he lost than I’d expected


Almost. I like him openly wondering if he might get to the final if Groves is injured. Nothing sweeter than getting through by default.



Bloody love Nas.