Boxing 2018 Thread



Let’s talk real.


Chris Eubanks isn’t good enough


Why is he not on every tv boxing card all the time. The bloke is amazing value


You’re either good at boxing or you’re not


He looks like he’s about to ask if anyone is sober enough to roll another one.


Could watch him all night


Calling for his retirement! How much do you think he had on Eubank tonight?


Itv have been pushing eubank for 2 years and he’s tearing it all down. Glorious


“Which camera can I look into to tell him to finish?”

PPV money - earned.




Very happy for Groves. Obviously not a single person wanted Eubank to win, but it seemed inevitable to me.

Had it tighter than most other people. Gave Eubank four rounds and couldn’t split a couple, so 116-114, but suspect i might have mis-scored a couple of the rounds because it never really felt Groves would lose it.

Nas had clearly consumed an industrial amount of bugle.


If Eubank went with a decent trainer he might be alright. He’s clearly got a lot of heart and a great engine.
He’s a bit too small for super middleweight though


Definitely a middleweight. Would like to see him fight Lemeiux. Would be a good measure of where he really is comared to Saunders. If he doesn’t come back down, maybe Cox.

Groves will stop Smith, i think, but could struggle to look good against Brähmer. Can’t see either taking place this year with that injury.


Ritson v Murray.



Horrible news about Scott Westgarth dying after his fight on Saturday.

It’s really hard to justify my love for this sport sometimes. 31 years old is no age to go.


poor lad, rip.

am I just paying more attention or has it been a particularly awful couple of years for death & injuries?


Someone want to talk me out of Ortiz at 5/2 or Ortiz by KO at 7/2? feels like a big bet coming on there.


yafai mcdonnell is looking like a goodun so far

that galahad ko before was a bit nasty. wish he’d fuck off forever tbh. cant stand him.


I think there’s enough money in the Wilder/Joshua bout now that they’ll take Ortiz out via sniper in the rafters in they have to.

Just tuned into the Brook card. Dunno if I’ve missed much but it does look like Yafai is getting a decent test from McDonnell.


fair point, I’ve had a tickle though. just a little one.

I’m a round behind but I’ve got McDonnell 2 up. had a cheeky 5 on him too.