Boxing 2018 Thread



Yafai is losing? I’ve only been watching in patches after struggling to find a decent stream but I assumed he’d be having a tough night but coming through alright against the lesser McDonnell. This is why I don’t bet much.


aye, for me and for noted judge carl froch. i’ve got him by 3, making yafai miss a lot.


Yeah he’s looking pretty ragged in there now. I’ve not seen as much of Gamal as I have his brother tbh, not sure why I assumed he’d win this one.


aye he’s not as technical as his brother is he.

mcdonnell boxed him to pieces there, really impressive. that’s the sort of fight that could either light a fire under yafai or ruin him, loads of talent, very athletic - just needs to work on the skills.


Yeah it was a different kind of fight but it feels a bit like the Barrett/Clark fight last week - both kids showed a lot of grit and heart but clearly have a lot to work on skills wise. Good start to your nights betting anyways!


Gotta hand it to Jamie McDonnell being willing to go to Japan to take on Inoue. Ballsy. Though as I say that Eddie says he didn’t know who Inoue was when he asked him…maybe he wants to watch a few videos before signing anything?


was feeling the underdogs so ive chucked between 3 & 5 quid at a few - thomas, mcdonnell, quigg, barrera, ortiz by ko. that one has covered my nights bets anyway.

inoue is going to make mcdonnell very unconscious isn’t he.


Barrera is a big call, though it’s a good fight on paper so if the odds were decent I’d have been tempted too.

He’s either gonna make him unconscious or he’s gonna feng shui his vital organs. I hope the money is good.


aye i’m fully on the bivol train tbh, but Tricky Cuban in your first big step up fight going at 9/2 is hard to say no to.


Gutted for Dave Allen tonight


Those are good odds. And he has looked good since losing to Ward - that win has aged very well for Andre.


I missed this - what happened?


horrible cut by a clash of heads in the 1st. looked distraught.

dead happy for kell there, looked very good.


Just got my stream working in time for that knockout. Not a big win but good to see his power may carry for the step.

Kell’s career to date upsets me so much. When he beat Porter I really thought it was the start of something, not the peak. I blame Eddie - of course he was gonna take the GGG fight, he’s got way more guts than sense, but why make that fight? How could that ever have ended well?

No idea if he can really make a run in light middle - there are some big dudes around - but I’d love him to go out on a high.


Argh this Campos is shite


yeah im not sure where hes at at 154, thinking of someone like hurd or charlo, reckon kell is miles more talented but could well get smashed up on size & chin.

lets have a big silly fight with amir khan and retire.


Tbf he took GGG’s power and stayed standing so if his eyes hold up…who knows? But either way I’d love for him to finish his career standing over an unconscious Amir Khan in a football stadium somewhere.


Dunno about all the ‘unconscious’ talk, lads. I prefer fighters to stay conscious and that.

Apologies for being Rev. Killjoy, etc…


Yeah, you’re right to pull me up on that. Silly thing to say, especially a week removed from a poor lad dying in the ring. I hate the way Khan has given Brook the run around on that fight for so long and if it happens I’d like him to lose as badly as possible but I’d want him to be fully happy and healthy afterwards. Just badly wounded pride is all I’m after really.


good point, getting a bit