Boxing 2018 Thread



Sorry gents, I get a bit emotional when it comes to t’old Kell. Cheerfully withdrawn.


was me as well tbf regards inoue-mcdonnell.

foot is great value at british level, really enjoying him on these cyclone cards.


I’d forgotten about that. That’s the kind of fight where you might actually worry for a fighter tbf, but yeah we should think twice about that kind of language.


Wilder Ortiz was actually decent! Well worth a watch if you get the chance.

Thank f there was a stoppage, the fix was in judging by those cards. I feel like both fighters stock actually rose. Would definitely watch a rematch. If Joshua loses, maybe itll happen


Easy to say in hindsight, but i’d have backed Wilder by stoppage, Uzcategui, Bivol, McDonnell and Foot last night. Anyone know what the rough acca odds might have been?


that doctor popping up to give wilder more time to recover for no real reason in between rounds as well… it’s a dirty old sport.


dunno what foot went off at but evens would make that about a 25/1 shot.


Bloody love Mikey Garcia. So slick. Think there’s a point to be made about carrying a bit of chunkiness on fight night, took a lot of work to the body and never really flinched. If they can make it happen I think I’d be more excited by him vs. Loma than the big ones at heavy, middle, cruiser and anything at welter other than maybe Spence - Crawford


Baranchyk v Petrov on friday night was a cracker. Would love to see Baranchyk v Josh Taylor a bit down the line.

Prograis humiliated Indongo, who we know’s a very good fighter.


he’s a weird sort of fighter to be top 5 p4p innit - not a defensive genius, doesn’t throw a great deal and when he does it’s either a 1-2 or, occasionally, a left hook… but his balance is other worldly, constantly in perfect position to throw power.

would like to think this shows him he’s maxed out on the weight divisions now tho, not into the idea of him messing with the serious lads at 147. spence talk should stop.

lipinets is a tough bugger and showed some skills - think he’s easy top 10.

really enjoyed relikh merking barthelemy - the dirty, cheating, only-rated-cos-he’s-cuban robbery beneficiary that he is. that last dick punch was the only accurate cross he threw all night, hope his career at the top level is over after that shit show. (don’t like that guy).

relikh’s work rate was obscene and the way he was lever punching and playing around in there reminded me of a GGG with no power. not a strong champ but think he could be in good fights going forward.

heard the quigg fight is a :rice_cracker:.


not seen the baranchyk petrov fight, but going from the write ups of that, and how prograis handled indongo, these two results show what a good job flanagan & burns’s promoters have done getting them to longish title reigns. they’re not at the top of 135 or 140 by any stretch.




how do i get into boxing? documentaries about the history/technique/tactics would be great


can’t think of anything fitting that brief, most documentaries are focused on specific fights or fighters rather than a general history e.g. when we were kings, unforgivable blackness etc. think you’d be more likely to find a book on that sort of thing.

probs be better off just looking up all the ring fights of the year and watching whichever ones are available on youtube


Unforgivable blackness is long but brilliant. When we were kings is absolute must watch


Ha. Hivemind @jamos
Fights to watch imo:
Hagler hearns
Gatti ward 1
Bowe holyfield 1
Joshua klitschko
Leonard Duran 1 and 2 (no mas, the espn doc, is also great)
Pacquiao marquez (take your pick, but avoid 4 if you’re squeamish)


would add these as must sees:

frazier ali 1 & 3
foreman lyle
leonard hearns 1
barrera morales trilogy
the first three r marquez vazquez fights
corrales castillo 1


If you want to see an attacking and a defensive boxing lesson then also Loma- Walters and mayweather - Hatton. Not amazing back and forth fights but absolute masters making very high level fighters look like town drunks


reckon a bit of context is good, even in a busy year you’ll only see a top boxer in the ring for an hour or 90 minutes so you have to get into the buildup.

maybe pick a big fight coming up and do a dive through the careers of the fighters involved. lomachenko v linares would be a good one - one of the most talented guys in the history of the sport who has been running through the weight divisions is gonna fight a superb champion at a higher class who will be a great deal bigger than him. could recommend a couple of fights for each for you to get a sense of them as boxers.

or there’s a tournament on currently with most of the best cruiserweights which has been spectacular, you could watch back through the rounds so far and get hyped for the final in the summer.

some other fun context is learning about the traditional national archetypes - mexicans are stereotypically brawlers who will stand in range and swing until someone falls down; cubans are mercurially talented boxers who will stand on the edge of range and counterpunch; black american fighters are defensive geniuses; british fighters are technically limited but lionhearted underdogs.


I only really got into it last year after the Joshua Klitschko fight and am absolutely hooked!

Don’t think I’d watched a full boxing match (are they even called matches? :slight_smile: ) in my life before that!

I’ve really enjoyed going through fighter’s full careers fight-by-fight on Youtube (normally while working/doing something else). I just use Wikipedia to know which are the dull ones to skip.

I started with the rest of AJ’s career, then went back to Ali and just sort of worked my way out from there - following the careers of ‘the guy who beat the guy’ in whichever direction it took me really.

After going through most of the more obvious heavyweights (highlights were probably Holyfield, Foreman and Ali), I worked my way through some of other divisions (after watching GGG Canelo). I’m on to Sugar Ray Leonard now (that first Hearns fight - wow!)

For the latest stuff, I love IFL on Youtube.

I’m sure none of that is particularly new info to anyone, but just thought I’d share how I’ve done it.

It’s been a real highlight of my last year to be honest. :slight_smile: