Boxing - 2019


New thread for the new year.

Showing a replay of linares - loma on box nation atm. Hadn’t seen it before, absolutely ridiculous performance, makes linares look like a plodder.

Did we do a fight/round/fighter of 2018? If not, feel free to do so below


makes linares look like a plodder

mcnulty hand wobble gif on that. Ive got a big soft spot for Jorge but I bloody loved that fight and had it fairly even up to the stoppage. definitely in contention for fight of the year.

would probably go usyk/briedis foty though.
inoue sniping that dude for kooty.
fury wilder 12 for roty, although the last round of gassiev dorticos really sticks in my mind for pure sillinesss value.
struggling on fighter of the year - usyk has it wrapped up on records, but I had him losing a razor close one to briedis so idk if I should give it him. probably mikey if not usyk.


Yeah I’m exaggerating a bit (a lot?) but it felt like linares was still in it thanks mainly to his size and reach advantage, the difference in speed is ridiculous, especially given how good linares is


yeah that’s defo fair. was an extraordinary performance from him.