Boxing - 2019

Galahad won that.
Warrington will win

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Split draw

No chance of a rematch

116-112 Warrington seems mad

Fuck off

Thought it was Warrington’s all day long. Gallahad didn’t look hurt at any point, and boxed at his pace, but didn’t do anything to win it. Very negative tactics as well, which ok, but didn’t ever really look to win the contest :man_shrugging:

Tyson living his best life
Does the full Apollo Creed entrance, limbos a few shots and stops the guy, sings Aerosmith instead of doing an interview.
Good way to earn £10m imho

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Thought galahad won that by 2 or 3. He marginally outlanded josh but he was controlling the action up until about round 10. Should have had points deducted for all the holding though, ref had a shocker there. Also, difficult to feel too much sympathy for a drug cheat with such a negative style.

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Complete waste of time. Anyone who spent money on that toilet of a fight needs to seriously reconsider their life choices.

Selby v Broner is the dumbest idea I’ve heard in some time. And this is particularly dumb time for boxing. Fair play.

khan vs dib is the dumbest id… and so on

let’s do predictions on all these heavyweight fights we’ve got tho, quite excited for them all tbh.

  • joyce
  • jennings

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  • dubois
  • gorman

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  • allen
  • price

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  • chisora
  • szpilka

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  • whyte
  • rivas

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Should be a decent tear up this, not seen much of Gorman but Dubois looks stiff as a board but can obviously bang.

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gorman check hook ko

Dubois looks too powerful and accurate atm. Be interesting to see what his stamina’s like if this goes long though

aye looks like he’s closing his eyes and swinging there tbh, gorman.

surprised how good dubois looks. everyone looks a world beater after watching joyce tho.

Just got in so didn’t see any undercard. Take it he won a stinker?

aye, was barely watching tbh. jennings had the better connections but joyce just threw loads of bullshit volume.

Oooh crowd fight

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Impressive stuff that. Looks very Joshua-y, getting away with ploddiness by being a massive unit with cinder blocks for hands. Interesting to see how long it’ll be til they chuck him in with a lower world level guy

and with that sparkling charisma he’ll go straight to the top

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