Boxing - 2019

Get Paul heyman in as his manager and just build him as a monster heel

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Dubois is the real deal.
Joyce is getting knocked out as soon as he steps in with anyone with a dig

After tonight would imagine they’ll pull the plug on Joyce as a world level fighter and feed him to dubois soon enough

Yeah. Just throwing shit loads of slappy punches isn’t gonna win him anything. Gorman would probably beat him

Not quite ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ eh. would’ve preferred ‘Throwing Hands on the Sands’

What’s the time difference to over here? Could be on at tea time?

2 hours. But it’ll be on at a weird local time to make it sellable in the US I’d guess?


anyone watching campbell v loma? really good fight so far

Campbell fought out of his skin, possibly as good a fight as he could have fought. Wasn’t nearly enough. Loma is just a different beast. Cards were a bit wide for me, really good fight though.

yeah was a closer fight than the cards suggest, lot of rounds that could have been given either way. really impressed by campbell but always felt that loma had another gear if he needed it

I had it at 116-111 I think, wasn’t scoring round by round though. I think Campbell really pushed Loma at times but ultimately had to do a rugby tackle/ball punch 1-2 to avoid being knocked out in the 12th.

Really feel for Campbell, he’s gonna basically have to wait till Loma goes up or down in weight (probably down I reckon, I don’t think he has the frame to go any higher) before he has a shot at being world champ. Dunno what he’s gonna do to occupy himself in the meantime unless he fancies stepping up himself.

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That cut made it a bit of a tense affair eh.

If not fury was miles ahead but there was always a chance of the tko.

This is terribly sad. RIP.

Heartbreaking. It’s a hard sport to defend when it seems you’re never far away from a tragedy like this. RIP.

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