Boxing day football

Loads of football… premier league looks like this…

Watford V Crystal Palace 12:30 kick off
Arsenal V west Bromwich Albion
Burnley V Middlesbrough
Chelsea V Bournemouth
Leicester City V Everton
Manchester United V Sunderland
Swansea City V West Ham United
Hull City V Manchester City

Leeds play Preston. Other things are happening.
Story of the day is big Sam at palace… and Moyes back at man Utd.

Let’s talk football

We are playing BURTON. The perfect pick for a third round televised game sone may say

Would lack the potential for giant-killing, i’m afraid.


I’ll be at Deepdale for Preston v Leeds, should be a good game: both teams in decent form, nearly a full house, belly full of leftovers. We’re looking like a decent team but we have a tendency to bottle it whenever we get a big crowd on, and we don’t have the best of records against Leeds at home.

Love Boxing Day football, COYW.

We’ve got Brizzle City.

Me and the old man are going for the full prawn sandwich brigade experience at the Molineux this afternoon. That should nicely gloss over any of the on-pitch disappointment. I’m looking forward to returning to my seat about 10 minutes into the 2nd half - that’s customary isn’t it?

Mind you, they’re just as shit as we are so there’s potential for a decent game (or 90 minutes of complete dross).

Fair !

Defeat against Hull looks so unlikely it feels in some way inevitable. Clownio Bravo’s not had a mental breakdown in two weeks, so…

Swansea v W Ham and Burnley v Boro probably the pick of the Prem games. Otherwise it looks almost certainly like routine wins for the faceless oilballers against the plucky underdogs (and Bornemouth).

I’m hoping to slope off to the Racecourse later, but depends on family stuff. May be beater to miss it tbh given Wrexham’s recent form.

Not really an appealing game of the lot, but it’s nice to stay in all day and half watch football and laze about some more. Hope there’s a Leeds stream but I doubt it with all the other 3pms.

Fixtures have been staggered especially weirdly/unfairly this year.

Away to jaap stams sexy Reading, will probably draw and then put Alex Neil’s head on a spike, as is tradition at this time of year

I’ll be watching Watford v Palace on TV at my folks. Wish I’d got tickets and gone, im really in the mood for it.

hope you’re ready for simpsons soccer 2 - YouTube

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Prawn Sandwich Brigade represent!

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Off to the Utd game today. Only me second game of the season due to playing lots of sunday and having a CIMA course that day.

Been playing well recently but expecting today to follow the trend of Stoke , Burnley et al and see lots of shots shanked or smack against the post.

0-4 Sunderland

Please feel free to exchange the phrase ‘Prawn Sandwich’ for any other foodstuff favoured by Xmas football fans, especially if it references Xmas leftovers.

I tend to use Liqueur Chocolate Brigade as my nickname of choice for these people.

Taking Wor Lass to St James’ Park. Newcastle will probably draw against Shef Wef this evening. It’s going to be cold.

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No McArthur or Ledley today. We’ve got a ridiculously weak midfield. Our bench is terrible.

Enjoy drawing at Reading!


I’m sure this will be alec Neil’s fault too

Is Keith Mullen in charge today?