Boxing day football


No Allardyce. McArthur and Ledley injured.

First time I’ve gone posh at my own club on a match day. Have been to Blues and Villa before and the hospitality stuff was grand but both games were absolute stinkers.

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Some proper cringeful stuff from Leicester’s owners in protest against the Vardy appeal decision…


Christ, that and their happy clapper sticks.

On the way to Brentford v Cardiff, left too late so not sure I’ll get there on time :clap: going to lose 4-1 :clap:

off to a football match

boxing day footers <3 kicking off with with Aldershot - Woking, probably the biggest fixture of the season for me.

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If you were a palace fan

  • Right decision, pardew out - big Sam in
  • Pardew out but not big Sam
  • Stick with pards
  • Will not make a difference to their performance/league position

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I am a Palace fan, it’s the right decision. Didn’t want him but he’s what we need at the moment.

@Severed799. Stick with Pards? And I thought you were a decent poster.

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Youd be mad as a Palace fan to not wabt Allardyce. Hes crooked for sure but its all about results really and his record speaks for itself

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Lovely goal. Townsend looks up for it.

Lovely strike by John Cabbage

This was mostly banter/Alec Neil solidarity

Feel like Allardyce is too conservative/extreme an option - they’re not even in the bottom 3 and have a much better squad than any other sides around the bottom. He’ll keep them up, but they could’ve achieved that with a name that would show more ambition in the mid/long term.

Just annoyed that at the start of the season it looked like Pulis was in trouble and Allardyce was safely away, and owners might have actually been going for interesting continental names, even Bielsa, and now they both look grimly here to stay.

Allardyce should be reserved for yer Hulls and Sunderlands

Watford are fucking shocking


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I do think Pards will end up at Norwich. Either that or Strictly.

I’m Vardacus