Boxing day selfie thread


You first, though.




I look like death, no one should have to see this :ghost:





Much better than my effort, tbf.


got a full size snooker table all to myself. no one to play with. :’’’(


that’s a really nice Xmas jumper, did you get it as a present?


This isn’t me but feels representative



Held my camera the wrong way so there’s a photo of my dad falling asleep to commando


my phone doesn’t have any space left :worried:


Just taken my Christmas jumper off because it was too warm.


make some space DD, c’mon. your selfie game is so strong and we need you to join in. :calling: :camera: :blush: :sunglasses: :cat:


I’d love a game of snooker


Here’s a picture of my foot. That’s all you’re getting.


No you turn the lights on


I’m back in my bed now, pretending to be bored. you don’t have to join me in bed, don’t worry. meet you in the games room in ten?




it’s my birthday tomorrow. i’m slightly less than 5 hours away from avoiding joining the 27 club. wish me luck!