Boxing day test at the MCG: after Christmas Turkey comes Dead Rubber! 🦗


Apparently Tom Curran has the nod. Who else is going to be staying up with tms on this festive night?


Oh bloody hell is the cricket back again?



(except in this case)


Steve Smith has won the toss. This might not be pretty.


Love the Boxing Day Test. No children, cricket all day.

Unfortunately I have not gained any sense of hope for England from the first half hour.


oh man.

i’d rather watch us get skittled than see warner thrash us into the ground.


We appear to have gained Hugh Jackman on commentary here.


NZ v WI was looking interesting until it rained, so can’t even offer you that as an alternative.

Warner is annoyingly good at cricket, isn’t he?


he really is. think I can find some joy in curran’s haircut being on the losing side at least.


deary deary deary


Oh England


I saw the first 8 balls and then must’ve literally fallen asleep with my phone in my hand. Woke up this morning with the phone on the floor, BT Sport app still open.

Didn’t miss a lot, evidently.


I did say, long before this began, to ignore this series completely.


We then get to lose to New Zealand, Pakistan and India on the bounce, sports fans!


get em out for <400 and we could have a game here, we will lose said game but i want some entertainment


dece youtube stream




YAAAASSSSSS, beautiful innings from a beautiful man.


Not entirely sure what happened there but I’m liking it.


It would be nice not to lose 5-0, wouldn’t it?