Boxing Day Thread 2020

Morning all :slight_smile:

How are you? Hope your heads / bellies / other parts are okay this morning.

Anything planned for the day? Gonna make some toast, go for a walk on the coast, do other things that may or may not rhyme.


Absolutely fucking hanging


Really wish I could go for a coastal walk! May settle for a pond walk instead if it isn’t raining

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Meeting my mum in the park later instead of the garden, which is fine but she only knows the furthest park from me which is an hour’s walk so hoping it will stop raining.

Had some NA prosecco yesterday, 0.05% and felt drunk after a glass and feel hungover today. How am I so sensitive to alcohol?!

Seem surprisingly hangover free.

Cant even remember what time the zoom ended. But it was a mighty fine zoom.

Five more days of isolation… And then escape on 31st at 12…perfect timing for NYE! Going round to a friend’s house who will light a fire in the back garden and we will all sit about telling folklore tales about the Isle of Man and drink copious amounts of gin.

Then on NYD we’ll all go down to Ramsey Bay and throw ourselves into the Irish sea in the name of a good time.

Today however I’ll be mainlining coffee and watching the story of SM:TV live.

Happy boxing day, GBOD x


Feeling a bit grotty but nothing that a fine breakfast & a shower wont fix

Gonna go to my studio today and finally get a chance to try out the Christmas present I bought for myself

Then I guess that when I’m finished with that I’ll spend most of the rest of the day watching football and eating leftovers

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Woke up breaking the law i need to leave this place :eyes:

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Yeah we’ve had reasonable luck when it comes to lockdown rules. West Norfolk isn’t that heavily populated, and the beaches are quite wide - so it’s easyish to have a safe, socially distanced walk. Can’t imagine it’s easy in a city :frowning:

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Fappable on a video call last night with our mate. Sounded like her bf kept piping up in the background, so fappable was bantering with him. Then it turned out that he was in bed, and the noise was actually the telly. So she’s loudly shouting his name and exercising banter whilst he’s lying in bed trying to sleep lmao.


Went to sleep in Tier 2, woke up in Tier 4. Might change my name to Bolton Wanderers LOL.

Am very excited to eat loads of everything today. Slice of ham? Yes. Cheese and biccies? Double yes! Entire Toblerone? Fill my hole!

Hi DiS. xoxoxox


Wonky Donkey!!


Woken up by my daughter telling me that the dog had been sick in his bed; so that was nice.


At least it was in his bed rather than hers!


R hasn’t woken up yet, really should have got him up already but had a very strange night. Seemed like night terrors at firdt but there were moments he just seemed far too lucid for it to have all have been that. He was so upset over various things :frowning:

Today should mainly be food, but my stomach isn’t liking me from the last couple of days already.

Happy Boxing one and all

Just got back from work. Immediately loaded up a plate of just turkey and cranberry sauce and nothing else and started eating. My veggie wife was all “what…why are you doing that?”
It’s Christmas!


Christmas Day for me today. Think everyone has gone over the top with it being the nephew’s first Christmas, everyone has loads more presents than normal. One of the extended family has bought ol Marcelo a noisy toy and it’s going off unopened. Great times.


M was exactly the same last night! But she told me she had nice dreams, weird. She talks in her sleep a lot but this was more likee she was awake and she was really upset

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Also I have a new dressing gown and slippers and they are the best



Is St. Stephen’s day already?

Noisy toys are the bain of my life. R either loves them and plays with them too much to the point I want to cry, or is terrified of them to the point he wants to cry (see: weird transformer type thing he got from my cousin yesterday which was one of the things he was so upset about last night he was sobbing)