Boxing Day Thread! 😴

Morning sleepyheads of DiS. How are you all?

Currently in bed and all is very quiet. Eldest is downstairs reading books; youngest is looking at something on Mrs CCB’s phone. In-laws are asleep. Driving back to Norfolk this evening so having an alcohol-free day today and attempting not to eat myself into a carbs coma. Might go for a walk this morning.

What are you all up to? A couple of surveys to follow.

Hangover audit

  • Fresh as a daisy
  • Mild fuzz
  • Pretty rough

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Guts audit

  • Full Epimer
  • Mild bumwee
  • Pretty regular
  • A bit bunged

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Morning ccb!

Went for a run earlier as it’s been an overcast day. Found a nice route, but was worried about snakes as it was quiet so had my eyes on the ground, stomping as loudly as I could most of the time.

Had a bit of a swim, lots of surfers out though so gave up after a while as I didn’t want to get decapitated.

Last night of peace before the final days of chaos continue tomorrow. Trying hard not to let dread & stress kick in.


I am on the feel rough end unfortunately but I think I’m more hungry than anything! I think I’m in trouble cause I ate a shit load of my boyfriends mums leftover roast potatoes last night and she likes to save them for the week. I literally ate about 9 whilst hiding in her huge fridge.

I’m desperate to go for a run to try out my new Fitbit now but I think i’ll eat first, have some coffee etc. The whole house is still asleep :sleeping:


Morning all!

The Child has been awake since before 7.00. I am tired. I need to go outside today.

Morning! Driving down to the Midlands in a bit for Christmas Part 2 with my GF’s family. Her 4 brothers + partners are back home so should be pretty chaotic! I’m an only child so quite enjoy the contrast to staying with my family.

The kids’ cousins are staying over too, so they’re super excited about seeing them. Hoping to palm kids off with grandparents for at least 1 cinema and 1 pub trip.


Oh gosh, we absolutely have to leave the house at least once a day, else the children start to kill each other. Yesterday morning we managed about a mile along a very blustery coast, but it still counts.

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There are some lovely old books hanging around at Mrs CCB’s parents’ house


It’s a Boxing Day miracle!

I’m a bit unwell :anguished:


Woo! Is this Scotland? And I hope you GWS, laefs, hope it’s nothing too serious

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Morning. Mild hangover but got a goid 9 hours’ kip. Sunrise usnt til 8:55 here! Up with the dawn to hike to as far up cairn gorm as i can get before it gets too ropey, wish me luck.:metal:



Woke up at 4:30 with that feeling where you know now you’re going to be sick and was a little but just now. Don’t think it’s anything major though.

I’m looking forward to a day (tomorrow) when my stomach isn’t annexed by turkey, port and white bread.

About to end for me, had a pretty easy day of being driven back to Christchurch but somehow pooped.

Didn’t drink too much yesterday as friend was ill from previous days drinking. Had a completely alcohol free day today.

Heading to Melbourne tomorrow, where the weather is 34 degrees :fire: scorchio.

Anyway really want to finish my blol as sick of lugging it about.

Had some nice kiwi fruit fudge earlier.

Good morning all! Happy St. Stephen’s Day to you all!

I’m in bed but am going to get up, make some tea and then I’m going to read for the morning. Meeting the TV around midday for gift exchange, then I’m watching the football and meeting my ATDs for a drink or two afterwards.

Working a shift in my old local tonight as I don’t want to go out. Looking forward to it to be honest. Means I won’t be able to get pissed but I will see everyone.


Good morning you wonderful bunch

Gonna have home made pastries for breakfast, then a walk along Southsea seafront, if the weather holds, and early tea at the TV’s parents before driving back the Winch. Work at 6am tomorrow so no drinking for me I think

Morning champs. Last day up north for us - flying back from Inverness later then, driving round to the in-laws in Essex. Hoping a single night there will be sufficiently dutiful as looking forward to my own bed after a few nights elsewhere.


My cold/cough got me relegated to sleeping on the sofabed last night, and I ended up having the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months. :relaxed:/:confused:

If I’m feeling up to it, today is the start of Project Loft Board. If I’m not, then it’s the continuation of Project Sit Under A Duvet Watching TV.

Hi team

Got a Jean jacket yesterday, so pretty chuffed.

Today there is very little planned tbh. Lazing about.

Had lorne sausage for breakfast through.

Decent dusting of snow in darkest Lanarkshire. Helping to make it feel festive. Mates and all their weans are coming at some point to swap gifts. Will probably be a total mad house.

Feels like an elongated Christmas haiku.