Boxing Day Thread! 😴

watching paddington

(just starting on film4)

This did make me chuckle :slight_smile:

And pizza on Boxing Day is good with me.


well it took 5 hours but i finally made it to the top, was all worth it for the beautiful vi… ah fuck


Cheers @japes - I’m now watching Paddington too, with a glass of medicinal red for my cold

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welcome to scotland


I’m worried about you getting down again in the dark

Please don’t be the annual news story about ill prepared Londoners having to be rescued off a hill


He’s 26 years old etc.

Yeah. Sod it. It’s that or a trip to Sainsburys.

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Getting a taxi like a massive tourist dickhead. Half the trails were closed due to landslides so took almost twice as long as it should have!

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That’s a good @reptar

Apparently our daughters are treating their gran to a panto production: “Hamlet In Space” :smiley: (not sure how much either of them know about Hamlet)


Basically nailing Boxing Day.

The feast of St Stephen.


As long as they hit the main plot points:

  • To be or not to to be
  • Alas poor Yorrick
  • Everyone dies
  • fin

I wanted to go out but Clive has fallen asleep on the sofa so I’m just drinking G&T and peanuts, watching TV and waiting til we can go to the pub.

Gin and tnuts

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My mum’s been laughing at me for 5 whole minutes because there was something in my coffee and I spat it out in disgust over myself

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Correct glass as well. Excellent.

The standard and chocolate-coated are in Sainsbury’s but those are :ok_hand:. If I find one I’ll let you know.

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Ngl I was worried about you too :joy: bahaha

Hello all. Today I’m in Liverpool for Boxing Day football and killing time before kick-off in a craft beer pub. Status: contented.

(Northern Monk mocha porter, if you’re keeping count. There’s a Weird Beard ice cream IPA on tap as well, and there’s time to fit one in before I go.)


There’s a place in Portsmouth that does over 70 Belgian beers, all in their correct glasses