Boxing Day thread


What ya got goin on?

Gonne go see moulin rogue, get lunch, see my grandma, see my family for dinner, maybe pub. Wbu?

Sad about george :frowning2:


Off for Christmas day 2 with my dad. We’re trying to muster up the festive energy again after a really nice crimmy day with my mum.


In a grumpy mood today. Had the Christmas dinner farts all night as well, urgh. Supposed to see the family again today, but I cannot be arsed.


verso 90% off ebook sale. 9 books for £12? don’t mind if i do


Second shit of the day


One day around the family cat and it has brought my allergies out in a big way - sneezing every other minute!


Been for a run, had some breakie, gonna watch sport and eat and drink all day whilst falling in and out of sleep. :thumbsup:


Running on boxing day!!! Unbelievable.


Felt good to blow away the cobwebs. Sure as all hell wasn’t setting a PB though!


Also moulin rouge… wtf… like live n shit or at the cinema? :confused:


Looking for whoever sells the cheapest thane steam mop in the sales, they’re all full price :dizzy_face: those 10 min adverts they have on at like 5am have really sold it to me so i want to stick to that brand


Just up, got fuzzy teeth, can’t wait to brush them.
Pure shite day out, probably just gonna watch films all day.
George Michael :weary:


Still at my parents. Slept well and feeling well and awake considering how much I ate and drank yesterday.

Currently drinking tea with a cat on my lap.
I’ll watch Watford v Palace with my dad until we walk to my sisters for Boxing Day dinner.

I’ll be driving home around 9pm.


Still in bed and regretting leaving the open box of chocolates downstairs. Looks like it’s snowed here overnight but the rain has all but washed it away. Don’t see much happening today because of the weather bar watching the football. Don’t even have any leftovers. Would kill for a bowl of pigs in blankets right now.


Tell that weather bar that he can watch match of the day if the football’s so important. Selfish prick.


Dads just opened the door and threw a chocolate at me. Result.


Going to do some exercise then driving over to the see the inlaws for Boxing Day tea. We’re all cooking something and I’ve made some chocolate espresso mousses with whisky cream on the side for dessert. Should be a nice enough afternoon.


Watching yesterday’s basketball. Going to see my granny later, then out for drinks in my hometown. Looking forward to seeing people, but St. Stephens night is always such a nightmare


Can’t believe I am actually going to watch Liar Liar again.


Rogue one, ya turkey