Boxing thread 2021

Starting it early cause I can’t find this year’s one.

Anyone giving Joyce a chance tonight? Think he’s too ploddy and Dubois is too powerful. Think he puts him away pretty quickly.

Assume nobody is giving money or time to the Jones tyson thing later

My sister knows more about it than me and she reckons Dubois will win… should be a good fight either way.

Tyson fight though
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  • No

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anything on the card worth a watch?

Bet £20 of my US election winnings on Dubois in the first 3 rounds at 5/1.

When the fun stops


Looks like they’ve set a ring up in a Yates

Decent start to this.

Joyce can’t handle Dubois’ power when he lands. Unless he gets knackered he’ll do him

Joyce looking good to me

Yeah jab is working really nicely now. Still think that right is hurting him when it lands, but might take him deep enough to wear him down

DDDs eyes fucked

Wow. Very fucked

Seeing a boxer quit like that is weird

Boxing punditry is so fucking stupid sometimes - questioning the fortitude of someone who can’t see out of one eye, ffs. Could be nasty that, stuff like eye socket problems are tricky for fighters.

If he didn’t fancy it corner should’ve pulled him.
That quitter tag will stick with him

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Yeah was a very strange finish but if you can’t see you can’t fight can you.

Dubois looked really, really green. Don’t think Joyce gives many problems to the big lads. Whyte would be a decent fight to make I guess

before he came out for the last round Dubois looked like he wanted to greet, just didn’t look like he wanted to come back out at all

Also I bet someone landing a clean shot on an eye that’s already swollen like that must be fucking agony

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Could give aj a decent fight I reckon. His metronomical granite headed robot technique looks a nightmare to fight against

Don’t agree, sorry. Weird pointlessly masculine nonsense when fighters are giving it the ‘better to get knocked out’ shite.

Think you’re possibly misreading it aswell. Maybe the last punch just did the damage - cut his vision off completely, or bust the socket.

You do realise we’re talking about boxing?