Boy Scouts of America lets girls in now

do yourselves a favour and definitely dont go on any of their social media today.


Girls have been able to join the scouts here for ages haven’t they?

whats the deal with the scout cookies… they any good?

yeah, apparently everywhere except america, where boys and girls must learn how to tie knots separately, or civilisation will collapse

Yeah, since at least the early-90s.

Decent argument from me. Ranking titles:

Scout = Guide < SCUIGOUIDET

You’d buy scuigouidet cookies. They’d lamp you facewards if you didn’t and no mistake

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My sister was in the cub scouts for a while. She quit for the same reason I did as it was really boring. Are boys allowed to join rainbows/brownies/guides?

Boys aren’t allowed to join Guides in Ireland, probably the same in the UK.

I was involved in Scouts from when I was six until I was twenty one. Girls were allowed in just before I started and I think the organisation was better for it. I went an all boys school and having girls around in Scouts was really important.

They’re boy scouts, but they know life. They know life.

What next? A female President of the United States?!

Lotta butthurt red pilled #cornflakes out there rn

jfc i know. like, calm down pal; it’s a club where you learn to put up and take down a tent.

They’ll be letting them drive cars next.

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Depends on the type. I don’t like the Thin Mints, but the Samoas are sensational.

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I went to beavers and we just played football for the whole time. Quit when we went to Cubs and they tried to teach us stuff, FO,M!

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