boygenius - the single, the record ... the tour!!

as @cloudb rightly said, time for a dedicated thread!

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$20 is my favourite thing I’ve ever heard from JB by a good distance


Have they ever performed as boygenius over here? I know they did a tour in America.

nah, all America apart from one date in Toronto

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I’m obsessed with the previous EP and would highly recommend for anyone who hasn’t got stuck in. There’s a bunch of live footage and performances on YT that are ace. They look like they’re having a brilliant time.


That’s currently Ziptie in the Station household. Listened to 4 times today already.

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the bit when Phoebe hollers standing way back from her mic during Me & My Dog gets me every time

ah fuck tearing up lol


Agreed, $20 felt like next level boygenuis. The downside of that was that the following two tracks didn’t quite continue in a similar vein.


Their set from Pitchfork Live '18 seems to have disappeared from youtube. I regularly watched/listened to that in the past :frowning:

sure everyone’s seen it, but just to make sure its easily accessible


Yeah loving these new tunes, especially True Blue and $20. Cautious excite.

I’m far too old for pop star crushes but boy oh boy am i in love with Julien :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

but yeah, a BG tour over here would be so lovely


I had incredibly high expectations as the EP is one of my favourite releases of 2010s but these absolutely live up to them!! Agree that True Blue and $20 are top tier

Reckon they’ll do a couple of fests over here at the very least. Could see it being APE and hoping that we get them in Edinburgh, either at an int fest show or Connect (they were strangely included on their list of ‘who would you like to see next year’)

Excited for my next sad girl era to begin


Didn’t expect an album - really pleased they’ve done one. Very much hoping for UK dates.


Emily I’m Sorry wouldn’t sound out of place on Punisher

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Sort of difficult to see what sorta size venues/festival slots they’d be playing if they do play here. If you work on the pretty safe assumption that most Phoebe fans would probably go and see them in a heartbeat, and the other two have grown in popularity too then I don’t think it’s a completely outlandish shout to say that they could probably do arenas, headline EOTR/GM size festivals and be pretty high up on others. Which kinda sounds crazy for a band that to date have an EP, but…

yeah was gonna say going above the 2000+ venues seems OTT to me, but then if Phoebe filled them easily herself only last year … unless maybe a chunk of their fandom somehow isn’t aware of boygenius?