BPL Red Monday MNF Football Thread

and it’s live!

football happened this weekend. More football tonight.


  • Liverpool win
  • Manchester Utd win
  • Goalless draw
  • Score draw

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Good goal from whoever the fuck Cholevas is yesterday eh

Boro fan on my sunday league team tried to claim the keeper was at fault for it. Bonkers

Sounds like a dickhead mate, fuck him off

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Nice to beat the Nigels at the weekend.

No Mkhitaryan again apparently, getting a bit weird this

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Liverpool formations?

Sky’s promotion of this game has been hilariously OTT

Lots of talk about kissing…

Undoubtedly the biggest game in English football

But wait! Who’s this?

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Feeling really shitty so cancelled band practice and they thought this was why. On the plus side I do get to watch it now (while still doing a load of work, feeling like shit, and expecting honestly a very disappointing game)

If that Tim Cahill goal at the weekend wasn’t against A-League opposition, and therefore completely null and void, it’d be an absolute screamer

Not so many post given it’s the Biggest Game in English Football!

For the record, pretty sure Liverpool will shit their pants.

3 most likely outcomes:

  1. Mourinho feebly succumbs to the pants-down press. 3-0 and 3 United substitutions before half time (60%)
  2. A trademark Mourinho hard-fought away draw (30%)
  3. Scouse mistake us for a relegation club and get an absolute seeing to (10%)

Option 4. After sky built it up for a month, it’s the worst match ever and the rest of the season is promptly cancelled in shame

(just putting it as 4. at the start auto corrected to 1, new board needs to wind its neck in)

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That’s covered in 2

Option 2 then - it’s going to be absolutely abysmal (I will still watch it all like a mug)

Would normally want united to get a proper pasting but all the Liverpool fans/former players will be fucking unbearable

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