Bradley Lowery RIP

Very sad news.

It’s been incredible how his story has become so public. I hope that some good things can come from this in terms of research, health funding and awareness of these terrible paediatric cancers.

RIP Bradley.


Ah man,

This is desperately sad.

Seeing Jermain Defoe with him on so many occasions and breaking down whilst talking about him the other day has been extremely moving and humbling.

RIP Bradley.


RIP Bradley. It’s desperately sad but at least he’s now at peace.

Cancers a horrible disease and had hit my family hard. Both Nans, two Aunts, an Uncle and my cousin,

My cousins was the worse as he was 30 and left behind a 4 year old son.

I can’t imagine what it’s like for a kid that age.

Just read the BBC Sport piece on this. It’s hit me emotionally in a way I really wasn’t expecting. Hope his family work through the grief. “he was needed elsewhere” is a really beautiful sentiment.

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Thought I’d be ambivalent about it, but 20s into that BBC video and I’m in bits. Brave young lad touched a lot of people, and I truly hope awareness from this improves the lives of others. Can’t possibly imagine being in the situation his family are in right now. Heartbreaking.


Ah mate, that’s so shit.

Jermain D has been absolutely brilliant. Proper respect.
Bless the little lad x


This picture

i’d forgotten about him winning goal of the month, that was a nice gesture that the bbc really didn’t have to go for

Absolutely heartbreaking. Really hard to get your head around. Seemed such a boundless lad, even when so sick, and the family have been so positive.

As a secondary point, maybe we should change this perception we have about modern footballers. We go along with this generic spiel about the disconnect between them and the average joe, but but for me the actions of Defoe particularly, but also Bertrand, Bellerin and Sterling, and i’m sure many others, speak for themselves.