Is anyone going to see BRAIDS this/next week, who are on tour with KT Tunstall

Subthread: have you ever paid £30 to specifically see a support band?

Not seeing them this week, but went to that ATP pop up gig last year and they were immense.

Yes! Much love for BRAIDS. They’re pretty intense live.

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Only have their last album, but I love it. Not seeing them unfortunately.

Aye it’s a corker

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Sure you would :wink: Thinly veiled KT Tungsten fan^

One of the best bands I’ve seen live in recent years. Raphaelle’s voice is incredible. My jaw actually dropped at how mind-blowingly perfect it was.

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New Braids track - love it. They are consistently excellent.


I paid £25 twice to see Beach House support both Grizzly Bear shows at The Roundhouse when Teen Dream came out. Seen them before that album but really wanted to see them then. I walked out before Grizzly Bear started their set both days.

I loved Braids first album. Saw them again as a support band at that time, way back when ATP weren’t huge arseholes and when they promoted good gigs that would take place.

Still need to listen to the new tracks! Which is weird seeing as how I love this band a hell of a lot.

(I was going to listen to them on Bandcamp in the library, but was quite aware of there being a naked arse on my monitor)

I absolutely adored their first album, but didn’t really enjoy the next two much, sadly. Just didn’t seem to click with me.

I love a few of their songs but IMHO still yet to put out a great album. Here’s hoping this is the one!

This is fucking brilliant. Loved deep in the iris as well. Excited about this now.

I bought Flourish / Perish basically at a whim, and that’s how I got into them. It’s a shame that album at least seems to be a bit of a bad memory for them (they didn’t play anything off it when I went to see them a year or two ago) bc that album has a really similar feel (wintry, creaky machine-like eeriness) to Kid A

Oh my Gods, these new tracks are incredible. Thank you so much for posting!

Definitely would have stayed for KT Tunstall

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Such a good band…each album has its strengths and they are all little worlds within themselves. Will stick these two new tracks on later

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particularly wonderful record that one.

Weird, was thinking about Braids today and then this:


Glad they’re back. I saw them on my travels in Quebec this summer and all the new material sounded magnificent! New album next year!