Brain-dead, the TV show

Anyone watching this?

Is so good! Musical recaps, exploding heads and Laurel’s so so excellent hair.
Let’s chat about it here…

Attention @anon29812515 , @zxcvbnm and others who like this sort of thing. Bslnoz, you still watching Aussie MC? Just watched Heston week…looking forward to it all being over the.

I have not seen this but may take a look.

I am still watching it… sort of. It is on while I am making dinner and doing stuff so I am in and out of the room. I am bang up to date (the last episode was a masterclass so I was able to delete it). I don’t like anyone in it. Down to the final four now.

Might not watch next year…

You didn’t watch the role reversals of George and the gang having to cook whilst the contestants make boom shake the room gags? What’s wrong with you man

Shit. Maybe I can recover it on my TiVo box