Brain Defaults

Song: Got your number off the bathroom wall - Faster Pussycat
Name: Lucas Radebe

More as and when I think of them.

Please let me know your own brain defaults.

Pastry - maple pecan plait
Egyptian God - Horus

Greek God - Hermes

Office supplies & stationery - stapler


Card - 4 :clubs:

Tree - Larch

Not very visible in dark module


If only my brain defaulted to :hearts: or :diamonds:

Racket manufacturer: Yonex


Hoover: Dyson

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Tannoy: A different brand of PA system

member of metallica: Lars

what’s this thread about then?

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Pastry - sausage roll
Egyptian God - osiris
name - celestine babayaro
song - prefab sprout - king of rock n roll
stationery - ruler
politician - tony blair

Originally what your brain defaults to eg if I have to think of a name/make one up the first that pops into my head is Lucas Radebe.

oh I can’t do this it makes me anxious.

What if I’m second guessing myself and trying to find a better answer?

ok I’ll try

I think you have started treble guessing yourself.

Thinking: treble guessing

frozen foods - captain birdseye