or, 3RA1N1AC

Any love? new trailer for the upcoming documentary came out today, looks really great:

Supremely underrated band, largely because they tragically stopped just short of “making it”

some favs:



Love love love love this band and am really looking forward to the documentary. Definitely underrated but a ton of bands list them as an influence.

Some faves:

A really great band to scream along to. ‘IIII AM A CRACKED MACHIIINE’

Years ago I found a torrent with (I think) their complete discography, including a few sessions. Going to binge on them today.

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You’ve just reminded me about that TV show hosted by John Tickle


that’s good, while you’re here, check out this band :wink:

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Hell yes, I was a backer!

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ah probably should have searched for that, oh well ha

great band, aye.

Dunno if I’m a bit bored of these kinds of docs, though.

how’d you mean?

think theirs is a pretty interesting story to tell, if nothing else because they’re one of those cult bands that don’t get talked about enough

y’know, the cult band talking head format which usually includes steve albini, henry rollins, ian mackaye all saying “and then [these guys] came along and totally blew everyone away”


I know what you mean, but I can watch that shit forever :wink:

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Um, what?

I will also express my surprise and ask “what?” At this

wwe what GIF

Also lol at no London date, guess I’m having a trip to squints Cambridge?

I’d assume a London headline date

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Oh yeah good point!

For the record I’m quite happy for an established band like Mogwai avoid London for a tour :sweat_smile:

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Stuart Braithwaite was in the documentary so this sort of makes sense, but on the other hand, how the hell would you replace Tim Taylor? Really weird that this has been announced without any news anywhere else about them reforming. Really hope that this turns out to be something worthwhile.