Wow this sucks ass!

Haven’t listened yet but they are just previously unreleased demos

They were so good tonight! So much energy and everything sounded great, didn’t think John would be able to pull off the vocals but he was brilliant. Didn’t play absolutely everything I’d have liked but still got so much good stuff. In particular Fresh New Eyes, Flash Ram, Mr Fingers and Vincent (of course!) sounded immense.

Also collared the drummer and gushed at him for ages about how I used to play along with their records with the imaginary drumkit I used to make out of pillows in my bedroom, and how much their music meant to me as a kid, and he barely seemed frightened at all :blush:



Really want this t-shirt.
Really want to go see them.
Keep watching their stories from the live shows on Instagram.
So close yet so far.

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Anyone going tonight?

Not gonna make it. DM if you want a ticket (via dice.)

Hell yeah I’m going, got a best mate coming over from the Netherlands who I used to be in a band with who covered Brainiac.

Will let you know if anyone else wants one

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Well that was incredible, even if I’m amazed and even a little saddened they didn’t play NOTHING EVER CHANGES but that aside I’m so happy I got to see them!


For a limited time, you can now buy the merch online too

Just bought myself a t-shirt

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