Brand Loyalty

Got any?

Are you a Duracell or Energizer person?

Do you swear by Cif or are you a follower of Flash?

Think he’s a fucking tool, personally.

I like him conversationally provided Matt Morgan is also there but dislike him as a “personality”

A little bit.

Bikes and cycle wear: yes.

I prefer Dove deo but will get whatever’s on offer if it isn’t on offer.

Kind of only buy Yorkshire tea now.

Really don’t think I have any great brand loyalty, tbh. :frowning:

Good example, I never get anything but PG Tips

This^ to the tea.

All other teat besides Yorkshire Gold is fucking pisswater.

I think I only read image comics.


I was hoping this thread would be kind of a poll thread with competing brands that we’d vote on but I didn’t really make that very clear

NO! You poor, sad man.

No, I’m very promiscuous with brands and can be easily bought

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You’re missing out on some great stuff on Boom!

  • image
  • Marvel and/or DC

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You ever fucked a brand?

I think I got that Humble Bundle a while ago too. I will investigate.

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Giant Days, Godshaper and Grass Kings are my killer three on Boom! right now.

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Diet Coke
Fairy Liquid

(Terrible cocktail)

I don’t kiss and tell

Toothpastes then

  • Particular supermarket/chemist brand
  • Colgate
  • Aquafresh
  • Arm & Hammer
  • That herbal stuff hippies buy in Holland & Barrett
  • Other Indier Choice before it becomes famous

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