Brand New Chaser!

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He’s Irish and dresses like a cowboy

he has the same name as someone i went out with years ago and looks a bit like him as well :grimacing:

very smiley for a chaser, though!

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what’s his nickname?

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The Bin


Bradley just Upped the Toffees

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I’m really pleased I actually know who the toffees are now, didn’t want to delve into the football threads to find out


Join us!

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he’s having a mare, bless him

edit: maybe not

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The Dublin Dynamo! :man_facepalming:t2:


He looks like a film character. Real people dont usually have that haircut. Maybe a Fargo baddie.

Anyway he was calm right to the end. Just silently finished them off (like a Fargo baddie)

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