Branded Clothing

Where do you sit with this stuff?

  • I won’t wear any clothing with a visible brand, not even trainers. Brands can absolutely fuck off if they think I’m going to advertise them.
  • I’ll actively keep visible brands to an absolute minimum. No logos or badges on t-shirts, shirts or jumpers. It’s hard to avoid with some items (like trainers and rainproof jackets) but I’ll make absolutely certain the logo is small and unobtrusive for those things.
  • I’m not a big fan of branded clothing but they’re kind of unescapable so I might wear things with small logos but I wouldn’t buy something with a giant logo across the chest or down the arm/leg.
  • Doesn’t bother me if something’s branded or not. If I like the colour and cut I’ll wear it, however big the logo is.
  • I’ll actively choose a branded item of clothing. I like people to know who made the item I’m wearing.

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I’ll wear branded

  • Underpants
  • Socks
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Jumpers
  • Jackets
  • Coats
  • Raincoats
  • Scarves
  • Hats

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For the purposes of these polls I’m not talking about band/sport logos just the logo of the manufacturer.


sorry, autocorrect

Is that your new brand?

Some folk might wear more than one branded thing.

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Oh yeah. I might have fucked that second poll.

I only wear goose jackets


Seems like the perfect place to ask this - Levi’s t-shirts.

Seen dozens of folk walking about Edinburgh wearing them for weeks on end - as I’m old and past it, can anyone shed light as to why? Hasn’t been a gradual thing either, just tons of the bastards everywhere all of a sudden.

Tempted to get one printed up for myself with the same logo that just reads “Elvis”.


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I like the ones that immediately and very clearly (with massive writing) signify that the person you may have to interact with is a bellend and a tory, like hollister or jack wills. A valuable service.

Nah, can’t see that taking off on a t-shirt :wink:

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Might get some of those Adidas trackie bottoms from the 90s, never had them as a kid. (not the popper ones)

that was quick

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Dammit. scrunches up business plan for Lawd Sugah

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Big sellers on the promenade, I’ve heard.


do converse count?

all my clothes are either band merch or from primark

i have no issue with promoting bands i like. i don’t really see people’s art in the same way i see a jean manufacturer or whatever

It’s very silly, innit.

Especially things that people would never wear otherwise, if it wasn’t for the massive brand splashed on it. Patagonia seems to be quite common for this, just plain coloured long-sleeved tees with PATAGONIA on the back. Why? Odd.

Can’t remember the last branded (new) thing I bought, was probably something “technical” for one of my many varied and interesting #hobbies

This thread was inspired by my looking out of the window and seeing a guy with a raincoat that had THE NORTH FACE down one arm, pretty much shoulder to wrist.

Avoiding brand visibility is pretty important to me but I know some people just couldn’t care less and the difference in mind-set sort of fascinates me.

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Not fussed. Generally wear unbranded t-shirts, but have a couple with small logos, and one with a big logo on the chest. If it’s cheap and decent quality, I’ll wear it.