Branded fruit




Bet they haven’t asked for permission for using each of those logos.

I’ll fire off a quick C&D to shit them up for you.


Send your VIP clients a pineapple in the mail.


Cease and desist - another classic for the things that are usually combined thread


Also, this picture makes clear that they’re literally just stickers:


mail chimp / banana works well IMO


Yer ‘graphic designer’ got to the banana and just couldn’t be fucked anymore.

Also, using Heroku and Mailchimp logos - as if devs eat fruit


‘We print logos, text, and graphics on produce!’



Why would you ever need to do this with a garlic? Like I get a banana so you can give it out but a garlic?



I don’t know Jeremy.


most of these aren’t fruit


Crypt + garlic is very suggestive of vampires, so there’s probably a lawyer joke in there somewhere.



^ the servers sean was paying £3k a month for.