Brands (or TV Programme) (but NOT, REPEAT NOT, band) names that make you angry


Vauxhall Movano. Haha I get it, it’s a van that moves. Fuck off.



Haha I get it, you’re running with a load of nets.



Innocent Smoothies.


You’re thinking of Game of Thrones:


I’m not really happy about the title of “Never Mind The Buzzcocks” and I think it’s time I spoke out.

It’s a mashup of two band names but they’re both punk bands OF THE SAME ERA. So you’re pandering to middle aged white men - TWICE IN THE SAME TITLE.

There, I said it.


and Strictly Come Dancing is SO jarring as a title I can’t believe it’s caught on.


very bad insomnia - not sure if coherent


girl band
the girls
cheap girls
hard girls
mean girls
young girls

hahaha hilarious, you’re all men


It’s not a mash-up of two band names.


Yeah ok - “two bands” then.

It’s a shit mashup and I’m really really really really belatedly angry about it.

And Phil Jupitus.


more here


I only like The Men


Can someone edit the title to include “or band names” because I’ve used my like up.


not like, edit.

urgh … so tirted


*tired ffs




Improved slightly


Can someone update the title to “and Movie” please?


Girl Band are great.