Brands you very rarely have to pay full price for


Jaffa cakes


That I will not pay full price for?

Ben & Jerry’s


Dr Pepper Zero. At Tesco, if the 2L bottle isn’t on offer, the six pack of cans will be (applies to most soft drinks)


Potentially a very exciting sub-thread, but not the question I’m afraid


Which is good because at full price it’s something like a fiver a pop.


Ok then I will go clothes at Eisenegger


Toothpaste motherfuckers


Do you have any brand loyalty here, or will you go for whatever is on offer?


Oh right, so that is fine is it? It’s not like Aquafresh is always on sale, they rotate the brands on offer. This is a joke of a post and should be dealt with accordingly.


Oh yeah, it says brands




(Eisenegger is the correct answer)


Sorry. You’re right and I was too lenient. Just trying to encourage participation in the thread. He’ll be dealt with accordingly




It hurt to pay 5.50 for vegan Ben and Jerrys when i never paid more than 2.50 on offer for it (or ate my weight in it during the Ben and Jerry ice cream festivals)

Also I never pay full price for britta stuff, it’s on offer a lot in Sainsbury’s anyway so stock up on filters then


m9 stop spoiling the thread






A blood vegan! Is that what vampires are trying to remarket themselves as?


Not sure how for got changed to blood :sweat_smile:
Btw bloody vegan burgers just sound so smelly, I’m 100% not for that fake beetroot blood shite