Brands you very rarely have to pay full price for

cathedral city extra mature cheddar


I understand TM Lewin currently have an offer on.

Very true. Always down to 2.50 for the big wedge.

I’ve got an entire cupboard full of packets of Oreos I bought for 50p, I keep replenishing it. One day they’ll start selling them for the rrp and I’ll have the last laugh!

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Oreos are also a good and accurate shout. The Thins are on perma half price pretty much aren’t they?

Deviating the boundaries of this thread a little, but I think Thorpe Park / Tussauds theme parks fully expect everyone to have a 2-4-1 entry token and severely financially punishes those that don’t.

Dove soap

Muller corner yoghurts.
Branston Beans

Extra Strong Cheddar.

It’s always on the end of an aisle.

When I worked in the video game industry ends of aisle displays were known as gondolas. Happy to educate.

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In Europe gondola normally refers to double sided shop shelving.

Becoming increasingly rare for me to see these reduced if I’m honest. Very seldom cheap in an express supermarket, usually have to go to one of the big boys.

Fuck Europe

good one

See them for 50p EVERYWHERE

Consequently, I have a not insignificant amount in my cupboards :(((

I forgive you

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Ok Mr Brexit

Innocent juice or smoothies.

At least one or the other will be on offer.

Also nut milk. Always one is on offer.

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Charles Thyrwitt or however the fuck you spell it - they’ve permanently got some sort of sale on. And they’re always sending me post saying I can get 8 shirts for the price of 1 or something.