I fucking love brands, me. Engaging with brands is the best thing in the world! There’s nothing I love more after coming home from my day as a corporate wage slave than grabbing my favourite branded drink, eating my favourite branded meal and then cracking open my favourite branded device to interact with brands. Oh wow, they’re feeling down about working Mondays too! Look, they’re just like you and me!

This is a thread to talk about all the cool and funny and touching things that brands do and all the reasons why brands care about you more than your friends. Like this:


The best brands are the ones who talk to you like one of their pals right? Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and spendy.

Imagine working there!!! Can you imagine?! CAN YOU?!


Oh that Katie, always thinking green!


Brands pretending to be your mate is one of my biggest irrational hatreds.

Stuff like this too


As someone with on again/off again mobility issues, Katie can stuff it.


I have actually applied for a job as a brand manager so am incredibly hypocritical for posting in this thread.

You know what the ACTUAL best brands are though? Personal Brands. Like how ‘proactive’ is an all encompassing personality.

500 apples
67 turnips
13 guavas
1 Lego brick*

*lol, not really!!hahahahahhahahahaha


She sits right by HR I can’t believe no one has said anything yet.

HR will only care when a formal legal complaint is filed.

Jo’s Brand

I just want to thank you all for posting in this thread. This is exactly the kind of content that the Rarity brand is looking to bring to the mass market and you’re all on the first steps of this exciting journey!

Saw this at the cinema earlier, got all Mary Whitehouse about it


Also, been listening to The Man in the Window podcast, which is about the golden state serial killer/rapist which is really interesting/horrendous. But during it they have commercials advertising window locks and that and it’s…very fucking weird and wrong.

Think I might start up a business for sponsored funerals, where dependent on what you die from, you get a sponsored message from a company. So if it’s a heart attack, you all watch a 10 minute infomercial about heart medicine. Think it would be great!/absolutely awful #makemoney


The fuck is this?

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I saw a strange one in the cinema. Called the Minstry for Scrumtipousness? Can’t tell you waht it was advertising.

Thought this was going to be about the motor racing circuit for a moment.

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Fucking Subway! Someone got paid to make that. With money!

Please help me, I’ve woken up in the wrong timeline. What a world


Is this another trick to get me to admit how much I love the undeniably evil Coca Cola Corporation?


Fucking hell !


I’m just imagining a world where all brands talked to us in the style of a leaflet