Thought this was going to be about the motor racing circuit for a moment.

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Fucking Subway! Someone got paid to make that. With money!

Please help me, I’ve woken up in the wrong timeline. What a world


Is this another trick to get me to admit how much I love the undeniably evil Coca Cola Corporation?


Fucking hell !


I’m just imagining a world where all brands talked to us in the style of a leaflet



When you buy a can of “Coke”-branded diet cola, you might be entitled to:

There are rules on how competitions are run.

You can work out the best deals for ‘Coke’-branded diet cola online.


This is a great idea, let me put you in touch with Linda from marketing.

I put a lot of work into those hyperlinks

Best brand is Tunnock’s. Every single product on their product line is top drawer. Quiet domination of the snack aisle with little marketing. Absolutely no fucking about.

(Someone’s going to link me to an article now where it turns out they murder staff who join unions now or something no doubt)


I guessed McDonald’s so not too far off actually

I used to go cycling with a couple of guys who worked there, it’s a proper cult. They went absolutely nuts when I suggested Innocent was too sugary and Tropicana is better.

I’m impressed with your dedication to that joke

Just don’t tell @TheWza

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Are you the person who clicked on all the hyperlinks?

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No, I just hovered over them with the mouse to hide the evidence of my nerdiness

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Meh. Pretty sure they did something similar a bit before that, too. 🤷 Nice snacks. Do eat.

Ah yes. The glorious “some morons on twitter are definitely indicative of a wider trend” form of news.

Got knighted recently didn’t he old Tunnock. The Honours System works!

richly deserved

Some might say it is an exceedingly good knighthood. How about that MISTER Kipling?