Brass Band happenings


Well we won our contest yesterday. It rained, and we were in a shitty field, but we beat some good bands. I’m a big fan of everyone in my band, they’re a great bunch and have got me through some rough times.

If anyone’s remotely interested, someone filmed our programme:


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(this was sat in my unsent posts!)

I’ll watch this later. I do love a brass band though: every Sunday in the summer, there’s a brass band playing on the bandstand of our local park. We’ll quite often take a picnic and listen to the band.


What’s your local park? I always end up playing at Abington Park in Northampton with loads of bands through the summer, as they do the same thing. It’s nice, surprisingly busy even in crap weather.


It’s The Walks in King’s Lynn. Most of the bands come from within a 30-40 mile radius so I don’t think we’ve had anyone from as far as Northampton?

It’s such a lovely relaxing sound on a Sunday afternoon.


This is lovely, unfortunately our parks tend to be mostly full of bongo whacking morons. Would much rather stumble across a nice brass band, come play here!


good stuff

can you satisfy my curiosity bud? i live near a place called wingates and every single sign for wingates has the inscription “home of the world famous brass band”. i’ve asked a few people from the world if they’ve heard of the wingates brass band and they said no.

as a brass band enthusiast - have you heard of the wingates brass band?


I haven’t, no. I’m not the biggest expert, maybe there is one, but maybe also it’s called something else and just based there? I’ll ask around…


it’s definitely called that - probably just a bunch of boasters innit, bloody wingates.


Ok I asked one person and they said “Yes. And they’re really good.”.

So yes. And they’re really good.


thanks. they walk passed my door on remembrance sunday, i’ll try harder to appreciate it next time.

my usual opinion of them is low level resentment for waking me up.


To be fair I feel the same when I’m playing…