new comedy on sky written by and starring joe gilgun - “woody” from this is england

more details here -

watched the first episode last night and it seems great, anyone else seen it yet?

Keep seeing it advertised which has put me off considerably but it doesn’t look too bad tbf

He’s on my list of likeable people.


he seems like a proper good cunt from that vice interview

Oh no!

i fear you’ve misunderstood my use of the term “good cunt” in this sense

Oh yes!

(I missed the word good)

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care to disclose who else is on the list of likeable people?

Bruce Parry is the only other one I can think of at the moment… but he’s disappeared.

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Brassic Park: a bunch of dinosaurs with no money.


Not got Sky but would like to watch this.

Him as Woody in This Is England '88 is one of the best acting performances I have ever seen. I mean he’s good in all of them but in that one he’s on fire.


aye he’s incredible in it, as is Vicky McClure

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Loads of well good acting in that.

Brilliant series.


have you watched it all? i didn’t even know it existed till i saw that vice article the other day

No, I meant This Is England.

ah, in which case i agree, wasn’t there some chat about him doing a TIE '94?

gutted when he left Emmerdale.

Definitely the best of the mini series imho
The awkward ways he has to interact with his would-be in laws is brilliant. And the reunion in the hospital.

Probably worth a rewatch actually


Yeah '86 was a bit too bleak for bleaknesses sake, '90 never fully got going, '88 was absolutely perfect.