Brave potatoes

This thread is for bravery, tell us about things which you or others have done which are brave

Are you brave?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Often
  • Depends
  • Kinda
  • Ish
  • Sorta
  • In a way
  • I have been
  • Occasionally
  • From time to time
  • Almost always
  • Now and again
  • Quite often actually
  • In some ways but not others
  • In other ways, but not some
  • Other

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Scaredy Custards

This style of doing a poll is literally always funny to me

got held at gunpoint and was really cool about it

Remember the song ‘honest mistake’

Remember when the guy from the bravery wrote ‘she wolf’

That song was always bad

That is very brave, I do not think I would have been so brave

thanks for taking an interest!

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got jumped by two crude dudes out of a car on a walk one evening with balaclavas on, one jumped in front of me and the other pressed a gun into my temple and they like gimme all your money! They seemed quite nervous.

I told them I didn’t have a wallet or any money on me…mad to think they could have blown my brains out right there but I was quite calm. I took off my coat to show them and they patted me down. Packet of fags fell out of my coat pocket, I said to them casually “you can have those if you want?” one of them said quite politely, which I will always find strange “no thanks, I don’t smoke”. Then they got a bit huffy and told me to walk off with my hands above my head and not turn around. I did this to the end of the road which seemed like it took aaaages but was probably only like 30 seconds, then they were gone.

Sometimes it stresses me out to think about this other times it’s just totally not a thing

anyway I think I was quite brave in this specific case for not freaking out but something took over me and it was like watching myself in a movie or something

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Jesus Bam

well it’s good to have a story to tell with a happy ending

I guess so, yeah. That sounds very traumatic though.

kinda was, kinda wasn’t. I was a bit nervous of going outside for a while becuase this was literally the next street over from where I lived, unnerving. Quite annoyed that the police took my coat for forensics, never heard anything back and never got my coat back

That sounds like a traumatic experience, I can’t think what it’d be like to actually go through something like that. Sometimes when watching a film or something I think I’ll be the brave person like the main character, but if some critical situation happened, I think I’d actually be pretty useless.

nah I’m not brave at all, lots of things stress me and I always think of bad consequences but confronted with that situation my brain just snapped into a different gear, probably flooded me with some calming chemicals and it was all very distant. Think they might have just been a couple of jokers with a fake gun anyway, wasn’t exactly going to ask with it pressed at my head though y’know?

people who can climb stuff that’s way up high, those are the real brave people!

To me that’s real bravery. The subconscious reaction that happens in a difficult situation. Not the theory but the practice.

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it’s also brave to be a comedy man in a fun country ma0sm

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