Brawn / Head Cheese

Anyone ever eaten this? Cos it sounds fucking grim, mate

no and i would


What they did to Chester McCheesington was inexcusable

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I haven’t (and wouldn’t) but I believe it was “popular” during the war when you couldn’t get anything better, or so my grandparents used to say.

Never heard it called Head Cheese though, that sounds thoroughly vile!

no and I would - I quite like a bit of ofal

It’s called zult in the Netherlands and I have eaten it. Not to be repeated.


christ I totally misread a vital letter in your post there!

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think I have. not really into stuff with too much jelly and I think it was quite bad

the first picture just looks like ham though

Taste, texture or both?


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I’ve had souse before and it’s nice.

sometimes have the spanish variant on toast with some olive oil and paprika. its peng :man_shrugging:

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cheese should not follow the word head… or any other body part :zipper_mouth_face:


the germans like meatcheese / livercheese

I’m glad someone does.

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Cheadder cheese is all I’ve got.

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Wasnt head cheese the tag team he had with the lethal weapon steve blackman?

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yes, yes it was

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