Bread bins

Does it not get very full of crumbs?

my bread went mouldy in a bread bag. Bit too sweaty for my liking.

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I have one like this. Lives on top of my tiny fridge

Mine doesn’t sweat at all, reckon you should have bought a better bread bag

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These already exist I’m afraid. Well blackboard painted canisters with chalk do

This looks a lot like mine. Might copy your placement too actually as never found a good home for it

Not really. And just pull the plastic lining bit out and give it a shake/wipe once in a while. No more crumby or hard to clean than the inside of a bread bin

Whiteboard though! Totally different!

Pretty sure they also exist too.

On that note, I wrote straight onto my fridge with a whiteboard pen, shopping lists etc. Never had an issue. This time though its left the writing on quite clearly when I’ve tried to wipe it off.

If i ever have to move I’m going to have to…paint the fridge?

which one did you get? mine was from lakeland

Really need a bread bin but don’t have room for one on the counter. Store bread in the microwave when I’m not using it.

Could also do with a biscuit barrel

mine is all wood colour, from john lewis.

Have you considered the bread bag?

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Beers in the washing machine, bread in the microwave

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Can’t remember where we got it from. Was from a shop in Bristol because our Airbnb had one and we thought it was a good idea and we saw one in a shop and bought it. Very exciting story

My mum does this, but mainly because one of her cats rips the bags open and chews the crusts off, and the microwave was is the only safe place she’s found.


I use the microwave for storage too, usually of cakes. Would be good if one large cupboard had the sealing capabilities of a microwave


Hello I am also on the bread bag train

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Those “magic sponges” will remove it. I’d use gloves with them, they’re rough on skin

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Friend of mine has this one, which I quite like. If I was going to get one, would probably get the same but have never felt like I needed one :woman_shrugging:


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