• Bread Bin
  • Bread Bag
  • Clip
  • Re-use the sticker thing that comes with it
  • Rubber band
  • Tie a knot
  • Twist and tuck
  • just tuck
  • leave it open?
  • Freezer?
  • Other?

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just a trim now and then, don’t bother with any fancy shampoo or anything


bread tin*

actually general carb-based products tin, but whatever

This is NOT an ssp thread. Monsters will be judged.

often leave things in it to just go mouldy which we should … not do

eat my bread slowly so i freeze it. often i don’t have bread though. not had any in for a month+

This very morning I banned the largest boy from playing Switch tomorrow night (tomorrow is a Fortnite day) as he had written his name in Sharpie on the bread bin.

He used his extraordinary guilt skills to make me feel bad about it as well!


I’d like a bread bin but I don’t really have space on the worktop

tagging the bread bin

think that’s how banksy got started, and look at him now


on cutting board with tea towel over the cut end
in a tupperware tub with lid loosely on for rolls

stale ends stay in the cupboard for several weeks until I make breadcrumbs with them

I told his that I couldn’t get it off either but now I have used hand sanitiser and it’s gone. He’s going to think that means he is absolved. He is not.

Still grounded at Ol’ Ma Bansky’s, not allowed to play Animal Crossing.

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“I had to go and buy a new one. How does THAT make you feel, largest boy?”


He’s going to write on your face while you sleep

Weird, was gonna make a thread on bread today.

Still will.

Breaking news as Balonz reveals himself to be Andyvine’s dad.

Thursday :smirk:

I’ve said bread bin but that’s a bit of a mistruth, it’s a big Tupperware so it’s airtight. Enjoy doing the clips, tbh.

Also, I don’t tend to loaf these days, I tend to roll.

Bread bin with a bamboo lid that can be used as a chopping board but must - and I cannot stress this strongly enough - not actually be used as such, unless there is a life or death chopping board emergency. And even then I’ll be furious.

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Yeah, this. Also they’re quite dear, aren’t they? Not sure I could justify spending 40-50 quid on what’s basically a large tin box.